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12 Content Marketing Trends You Should Be Following
Source: Susan Gunelius

We've reached a tipping point in content marketing where there is so much content published on a daily basis that no one can consume even a small percentage of it precisely when marketers would like them to. Content fatigue has set in, and it's creating a very real problem for businesses that understand the importance of content marketing but can't break through the clutter.

How do you create enough high quality content and ensure the right audiences see it to move the needle for your business? To stay ahead of the curve and be one of the businesses that can successfully leverage content marketing to increase brand awareness, sales and loyalty, you need to understand which content marketing trends you should be following.

Here are 12 content marketing trends that I believe are most important for you to follow in the coming year to ensure your content investments are delivering adequate returns for your business in the long-term.

1. Embrace machine learning

Machine learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. It involves the use of computer algorithms to gain knowledge from inputted data and information. As more data and information is collected, the machines learn and produce different outputs based on a variety of factors such as patterns and trends.

Over time, the machine collects more and more data, and as a result, its outputs become more accurate, relevant and personalized. One of the best examples of machine learning in action is a search engine algorithm such as Google. As more people conduct searches using Google, the search algorithm gets better and better at delivering the best results.

For content marketing, tools are being developed that help publishers create the most appropriate content for specific target audiences. When a business can publish perfect content and make it available to the right audience at the right time, conversions will naturally go up.
2. Leverage automation

We live in the age of automation where savvy business owners look for ways to automate every task imaginable, including tasks related to creating, publishing and promoting content. This trend won't stop, so it's best to get on board and start automating parts of your content marketing process as soon as possible.

Don't feel overwhelmed by automation. Instead, start by making small changes to your content marketing workflows. For example, begin by automating aspects of your lead generation, email marketing and social media marketing initiatives.
3. Publish co-created content

Why rely on your own ability to create content and promote it when you can partner with someone else to do it? Publishing content in partnership with another person or business that can help expand your reach is a trend that any entrepreneur can benefit from.

Reach out to other companies that have the eyes and ears of your target audience and ask them if they'd like to partner with you to create and promote useful content. You'll share the workload and double the benefits for both of you.


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