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Pornhub is using artificial intelligence to identify porn stars
Source: Shawn Knight

Pornhub, one of the Internet’s top destinations for adult content, is turning to technology to improve its massive library of videos.

The site recently announced the launch of an artificial intelligence-powered system that’ll scan videos in search of familiar faces. If the model finds a match to one of the 10,000 porn stars in its database, it’ll tag the video with the talent’s name.

The AI system will also process feedback from users to help improve accuracy over time.

Pornhub VP Corey Price said they’re employing AI to expedite the antiquated process of tagging videos.

According to Pornhub, its 80 million daily visitors collectively upload more than 10,000 videos each day. During the AI’s beta run over the past month, it was able to scan through just 50,000 videos. At that rate (and considering the site plays host to more than five million videos), it’ll take a long time for the AI system to skim every clip.

Given the numbers, it would seem that the current crowdsourced method may indeed be faster.

Pornhub says that within the next year, it’ll also start scanning for categories and tag those accordingly. For example, if a clip features a blond actress or is shot outside, it’ll add the appropriate “blonde” and “public” tags. Various positions will also be taggable, we’re told, while future revisions will help better detect spam and improve user recommendations.


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