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AI in the driver’s seat with the enterprise
Source: Sharon Gaudin

Artificial intelligence will be a critical driver of U.S. economy. This package shows how three companies are using IBM’s Watson A.I. in innovative ways.

GlaxoSmithKline is using Watson to better connect with customers. GSK is rolling out a Watson-based question-and-answer feature first for its Theraflu cold and flu medication, enabling customers to ask questions by voice or text through GSK's online ads.

Staples is testing a smart assistant device that looks like its Easy Button, but that customers can use to order products, track shipments and help with returns. Staples sees the Watson-fueled service as an aid to office managers by having the device handle the brunt of their ordering and delivery tracking, so they can work on other tasks.

1-800-Flowers sees A.I. as a means of making sense of an increasing flood of data, while answering customers’ questions, taking their orders and helping them feel more connected to their brand.

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