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Baidu Is Partnering With Nvidia To 'Accelerate' Artificial Intelligence
Source: Elizabeth Balboa

"We believe AI is the most powerful technology force of our time, with the potential to revolutionize every industry,” Ian Buck, NVIDIA vice president and general manager of accelerated computing, said in a press release. “Our collaboration aligns our exceptional technical resources to create AI computing platforms for all developers ━ from academic research, startups creating breakthrough AI applications, and autonomous vehicles."

The companies will collaborate to infuse Baidu Cloud with NVIDIA Volta’s deep learning capabilities, Baidu’s self-driving vehicle platform with NVIDIA’s Drive PX 2 AI, and NVIDIA’s Shield TV with Baidu’s DuerOS voice command program.

Additionally, Baidu will use NVIDIA HGX architecture and TensorRT software to support Tesla Inc TSLA 7.24% accelerators in its data centers.

"Baidu and NVIDIA will work together on our Apollo self-driving car platform, using NVIDIA's automotive technology,” Baidu President and Chief Operations Officer Qi Lu said at the company’s recent AI developer conference. “We'll also work closely to make PaddlePaddle the best deep learning framework; advance our conversational AI system, DuerOS; and accelerate research at the Institute of Deep Learning."

NVIDIA is already a significant player in the autonomous vehicle and home assistant spaces, but the latest deal will provide greater exposure to Chinese automakers such as Changan, Chery Automobile Co., FAW Car Co. and Greatwall Motor.

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