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Making an impact at MPACT
Source: Amanda Curran

If you're looking for a school that provides a unique educational setting where academics, technical training, and technology meet, then head over to Montgomery Preparatory Academy for Career Technologies, or MPACT.

There you will also find this week's Class Act teacher in the IT department, Tammie Turpin Jones.

Jones hadn't thought about a career as an educator until she was given a unique opportunity at her children's old school.

"They had an opportunity, and that has been over 20 years ago for a computer teacher, so I started my career there and just with being involved with the kids. I enjoyed it, and I have been teaching ever since," Jones said.

Twenty-six years later, Jones is now at MPACT teaching the next generation of computer scientist. She enjoys the fact that she gets to help give her students real world experience.

"Computer science is now more popular than ever," explained Jones. "Students have the opportunity to earn industry certifications before they graduate from high school. It gives me the opportunity to make them college or career ready upon graduation from MPACT."

The student who nominated Tammie Jones commended her for being stern but also personable. Although Jones agrees she is stern, she is happy to know her method of teacher is resonating with her students.

"Word can not express," Jones said. "It makes me feel good! I want them to leave being proud that they were in my class."

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