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How much can you earn if you study for an IT qualification at college?
Source: Nick Fitzpatrick

How much can you earn if you study for an IT qualification at college?
If you have a love of Information Technology (IT) you may feel that you want to put that love to use in your career. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to be had in the IT industry. If you already have a career you do not even have to leave your current role until you have gained any relevant qualifications you need. You can take the opportunity to study online, like at Upskilled. Once you have completed your study you can then look for an IT role to replace your current job.
So how much can you actually earn if you decide to study IT at college or online? We are going to take a look at some of the roles you can get in the IT industry and their related salaries. But first, why do you want to study IT in the first place?
Is IT training the best option for you?
We have already touched on the fact that your love of IT may be a big factor in your decision to study towards a career in the industry. Having an interest in a subject certainly makes it more likely that you will stick to the training, but you need to think carefully about whether doing something you love as a career is the best option for you.
For many people it works well but for others having to do something they love, rather than choosing to, ends up making them unhappy. You also need to be prepared for the high level of competition in the IT industry. Although there are plenty of roles available, in many different sectors, it’s not always easy to get the job you want. There is a lot of competition and you need to be prepared to work hard to establish the successful career you crave.
IT roles and associated salaries
If you do decide that studying IT is the right choice for you then you need to consider the roles that are available when you make IT your career. Here are some of the roles you may want to consider with details of the salary you would be likely to earn in each role.
Applications developer
Applications developers are much sought after in various sectors. The job involves working out programme requirements, designing, testing and putting into production. The average salary for an applications developer is AU$67,000.
Database administrator
If you enjoy the hands on side of IT you are likely to enjoy working as a database administrator. The work involves creating, monitoring and maintaining the security of databases. If you work as a database administrator you can expect to earn an average salary of AU$71,000.
Information security
Working in information security is one of the most interesting roles in the world of IT. The job involves checking for potential system security risks and helping to keep business systems secure using expert analysis and methods such as ethical hacking. People who work in information security can expect to earn an average of AU$77,000.

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