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Artificial intelligence and robotics - impact it could have on Wisconsin's fut
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Artificial intelligence and robotics was the focus at Tuesday’s Amplify Oshkosh CollaborationIT Conference.

The message, if Wisconsin embraces rapidly-changing technology and everyone is included, the state could see major economic success

"Fear of the unknown is natural, but the reality is, the unknown is becoming the known very, very quickly," said John McElligott, CEO of York Exponential.

York Exponential is a company hoping to include everybody in the artificial intelligence and robotic revolution sweeping through important industries.

McElligott showed the advances in robotic technology at the conference Tuesday.

"Things are going to change so fast and beyond a level that you think, that inaction is not an option," said McElligott.

McElligott says the key is to embrace the technology to open up more opportunity.

"The opportunity is Wisconsin could become 10 times more productive,” McElligott said. “The goal should not be to automate but to augment what you already have."

That means humans working with or controlling robots and artificial intelligence to make production.

Oracular, an Oshkosh IT consulting firm, says artificial intelligence could make its workspace more efficient in customer and sales relationship management.

"I look forward to the same future as he (McElligott) has mentioned, where we're more intimately integrated with machines and artificial intelligence rather than at odds with them," said Oracular President, Javad Ahmad.

Companies remind us, this could still hinge on eliminating Wisconsin’s shortage of skilled workers.


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