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Sex robot reality show featuring ‘human-like’ cyborgs ‘MAKING LOVE’ to hit TV sc
Source: Joshua Nevett

Attractive sex robots who “like to be touched” and want sex with humans “all the time” are now a reality.

But in future experts told Daily Star Online that sex robots could be programmed to “experience the same emotions”, “physical stimulation” and “understanding of romance” as humans.

But instead of serving the emotional and sexual desires of humans, these hyper-intelligent sexbots could be used for entertainment purposes, boffins say.

The Truman Show is a 1998 dystopian comedy-drama featuring Jim Carrey as the unsuspecting star of a live reality TV show.

Lynne Hall, professor of computer science at the University of Sunderland, told Daily Star Online a sex robot version of The Truman Show could one day be aired on screens.

She believes entertainment and experimentation are the “main reasons” for creating such sex robots.

She said: “I cannot see the point of why we would want to design a robot that didn’t perform some function for people.

“The main reasons to create this sort of robot-robot romance would probably be for entertainment or experimentation.

“So, we’d build a robot population to study social dynamics in a small space or create something like the Truman Show populated by robots.”

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