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New Relic, Ansys, Flex set to benefit from AI demand
Source: Michael

Software tool makers New Relic and Ansys, along with contract electronics maker Flex, are set to be "arms merchants" benefiting from new trends in product development, Barron's said on Sunday.

Years from now, artificial intelligence techniques will help invent software products, which will be a boon to tech vendors such as New Relic, Ansys and Flex, according to Barron's.

Barron's said the companies would capture the rising demand for artificial intelligence in several ways: Flex is moving beyond assembling products and instead helping clients think through initial design; Ansys is making its wares more affordable; and New Relic is moving beyond its current business of supplying products that monitor and manage the health of programs running websites.

The next wave is smart software that tests and refines products before humans get involved, allowing products to get to market faster, Barron's said.


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