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Algorithm to find phony users on many social networks

Judy Siegel-Itzkovich
(2038 bytes) (2018-04-19)

Stanford researchers use machine-learning algorithm to measure changes in gender

Alexandra Shashkevich
(5852 bytes) (2018-04-12)

A Google computer scientist says his new lip-reading technology has terrifying i

Hilary Brueck
(2538 bytes) (2018-04-12)

Teaching machines to spot the essential

ETH Zurich Department of Physics
(2747 bytes) (2018-03-30)

Computing's equivalent of the Nobel Prize goes to RISC pioneers

Rob Thubron
(1875 bytes) (2018-03-23)

Artificial intelligence identifies 6,000 new craters on the Moon

Amber Jorgenson
(2957 bytes) (2018-03-23)

9 machine learning myths

Mary Branscombe
(11123 bytes) (2018-03-22)

Modernizing cybersecurity approaches

Kirk Borne
(10532 bytes) (2018-03-16)

Evolution of language

University of Toronto,
(3865 bytes) (2018-02-25)

Artificial intelligence shows unprecedented detail in global fishing activities

Cassie Williams
(5625 bytes) (2018-02-25)

Artificial intelligence is everywhere, watching almost all modern-day human beha

Cheryl K. Chumley
(724 bytes) (2018-02-21)

Experts warn of ‘malicious’ AI being used for future cyber attacks

Yui Mok
(3084 bytes) (2018-02-21)

Latest in cybercrime: Your infected computer enslaved to earn digital currency

Tim Johnson
(6203 bytes) (2018-02-12)

Researchers develop the first model to capture crosstalk in social dilemmas

Institute of Science and Technology Aust
(5289 bytes) (2018-02-09)

New intelligent system learns from simple problems to solve complex ones

Australian National University
(3267 bytes) (2018-02-09)

Researchers develop new algorithms to train robots

U.S. Army Research Laboratory
(4067 bytes) (2018-02-08)

Artificial intelligence is growing up fast—what's next for thinking machines?

University of Cambridge
(7593 bytes) (2018-02-08)

Crowd workers, AI make conversational agents smarter

Carnegie Mellon University
(3687 bytes) (2018-02-08)

Worm 'uploaded' to computer and taught amazing tricks Computer program or li

Vienna University of Technology
(3473 bytes) (2018-02-07)

Western University professor touts homicide tracking algorithm

Jane Sims
(5169 bytes) (2018-02-05)

MIT launches MIT IQ

Larry Dignan
(6049 bytes) (2018-02-01)

Alberta computer scientist claims clues to deciphering mysterious Voynich manusc

Bob Weber
(4502 bytes) (2018-01-26)

Scientists are Developing a 'Pet Translator' that Can Convert Dog Barks Into

Con Slobodchikof
(2207 bytes) (2018-01-15)

The Art in Artificial Intelligence: Make the Robots Serve the Public Good

Brian McNeill
(4935 bytes) (2018-01-12)

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