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Neural network poetry is so bad we think it’s written by humans

Matt Reynolds
(4318 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Inference of Bayesian networks made fast and easy using an extended depth-first

University of Electro-Communications
(2353 bytes) (2017-07-11)

On computer science—a turbo in the algorithm

Serge Abiteboul And Christine Froidevaux
(10477 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Your phone to ID you by the way you swipe

Richard Gray
(6598 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Lack of ethics education for computer programmers shocks expert

(3915 bytes) (2017-07-03)

New system enables 88x speedup on common parallel-computing algorithms

(6048 bytes) (2017-07-03)

How to protect your computer against the latest ransomware attack

(6981 bytes) (2017-06-28)

MIT algorithm tells you how to fold any shape imaginable with origami

Luke Dormehl
(2342 bytes) (2017-06-27)

Information overload fuels 'fake news': Study

(3220 bytes) (2017-06-27)

Computer scientists repurpose laparoscopy video for medical training

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(5038 bytes) (2017-06-20)

Here's when robots will start beating humans at every task

Chris Weller
(1412 bytes) (2017-06-20)

Scientists have developed a new way to predict when you'll die

Kevin Loria
(5125 bytes) (2017-06-20)

Learning with light: New system allows optical 'deep learning'

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(5114 bytes) (2017-06-15)

How to build software for a computer 50 times faster than anything in the world

Argonne National Laboratory
(8158 bytes) (2017-06-15)

New computing system takes its cues from human brain

Arijit Raychowdhury
(4987 bytes) (2017-06-13)

The Oldest Known Surviving PC Operating System

Jenny List
(2041 bytes) (2017-06-12)

Big Data Algorithms, Languages Expand

Rick Merritt
(3963 bytes) (2017-06-12)

Artificial intelligence's potential impacts raise promising possibilities, soc

Marco-Alexis Chaira/ASU
(6942 bytes) (2017-06-09)

Advances in Bayesian methods for big data

Tsinghua University
(3760 bytes) (2017-06-06)

App Uses Smartphone Compass To Stop Voice Hacking

University at Buffalo
(3952 bytes) (2017-06-06)

Security for multirobot systems

Larry Hardesty
(7099 bytes) (2017-06-01)

Protecting web users’ privacy

Larry Hardesty
(6475 bytes) (2017-06-01)

The evolution of computational linguistics and where it's headed next

Andrew Myers
(6394 bytes) (2017-06-01)

Scientists slash computations for deep learning

Rice University
(4117 bytes) (2017-06-01)

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