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Stanford researchers use machine-learning algorithm to measure changes in gender

Alexandra Shashkevich
(5852 bytes) (2018-04-12)

A Google computer scientist says his new lip-reading technology has terrifying i

Hilary Brueck
(2538 bytes) (2018-04-12)

US approves artificial-intelligence device for diabetic eye problems

(2308 bytes) (2018-04-12)

Zuckerberg admits: Facebook has too much hate speech

Arutz Sheva
(2082 bytes) (2018-04-12)

6 reasons to pump the brakes on AI

Clint Boulton
(6140 bytes) (2018-04-10)

Teacher changed jobs to push for state's new certification of computer science

Matthew Flamm
(3273 bytes) (2018-04-10)

Scientist who invented the term 'artificial intelligence' dies

University of Oxford
(2886 bytes) (2018-04-10)

Governor Cuomo Announces Nation's Largest State Investment In Computer Science

(6110 bytes) (2018-04-10)

Facebook Scandal May Impact China Overseas Surveillance Plans

Saibal Dasgupta
(6052 bytes) (2018-04-08)

Herb Scribner
(3230 bytes) (2018-04-08)

Emerging Technologies Remain a Gamble in 2018

Andrew Froehlich
(4361 bytes) (2018-04-08)

Can the Internet be saved?

Chris Spannos
(5847 bytes) (2018-04-08)

Teach Yourself Computer Science Using This Site

Nick Douglas
(2209 bytes) (2018-04-04)

Artificial Intelligence venture moves out of central Christchurch location

(2424 bytes) (2018-04-04)

Data scientists get most salary hikes in startups

Shalina Pillai
(2993 bytes) (2018-04-04)

What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Facial Recognition Technology

Riccardo Campione
(5425 bytes) (2018-04-03)

Tech must open up about algorithms as AI takes hold

Marie Mawad
(2177 bytes) (2018-04-03)

What is cloud computing?

Tyler Lacoma
(6136 bytes) (2018-04-03)

Bitcoin mining leads to an unexpected GPU gold rush

Lucas Mearian
(7457 bytes) (2018-04-03)

Teaching machines to spot the essential

ETH Zurich Department of Physics
(2747 bytes) (2018-03-30)

New method to stop cyber attacks on GPS-enabled devices

University of Texas at San Antonio
(2339 bytes) (2018-03-30)

Microsoft unveils biggest reshuffle in years; Myerson exits

Dina Bass and Ian King
(3125 bytes) (2018-03-30)

AANG stocks are a 'dead trade'

Jacob Sonenshine
(3018 bytes) (2018-03-30)

Non-tech businesses are beginning to use artificial intelligence at scale

(8182 bytes) (2018-03-30)

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