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How your selfie could affect your life insurance

(5663 bytes) (2017-04-24)

The great unknowns of artificial intelligence

(1070 bytes) (2017-04-24)

AI Programs Exhibit Racist and Sexist Biases, Research Reveals

Hannah Devlin
(5390 bytes) (2017-04-24)

Neural networks explained

Larry Hardesty
(9688 bytes) (2017-04-21)

Saarland University professor receives top research award for improved image com

Saarland University
(6457 bytes) (2017-04-21)

Facebook out to read minds

(3938 bytes) (2017-04-21)

How your selfie could affect your life insurance

(5549 bytes) (2017-04-21)

Murder on Facebook raises big censorship questions

Angelo Young
(2833 bytes) (2017-04-21)

3 Stocks to Hold for the Next 50 Years

John Rosevear, Keith Speights, and Reube
(5700 bytes) (2017-04-21)

Getting things done while you wait for WiFi

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(3897 bytes) (2017-04-19)

Artificial Intelligence Is All the Rage, but Sometimes It's Just Hype

Kate Kaye
(6584 bytes) (2017-04-19)

Drone software gives offline farmers real-time images

Stephen Lawson
(4226 bytes) (2017-04-19)

The Instagram 'pods' using likes to fight the new algorithm

Rachel Thompson
(4145 bytes) (2017-04-19)

A Chinese internet giant just made a big move to compete with Tesla in the self-

Danielle Muoio
(2961 bytes) (2017-04-19)

Energy-efficient computing: Damping gives a faster switch

(3039 bytes) (2017-04-18)

Facebook's Caffe2 AI tools come to iPhone, Android, and Raspberry Pi

Agam Shah
(3961 bytes) (2017-04-18)

Emerging Ethical Concerns In the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Bethany Quinn
(7098 bytes) (2017-04-18)

4 ways your finance department can survive automation

World Economic Forum
(3198 bytes) (2017-04-18)

Tilted Device Could Pinpoint Pin Number for Hackers

Alex Hern
(4137 bytes) (2017-04-18)

How one machine becomes human in ‘Uncanny Valley’ at O’Neill Theatre

Richard Guzman
(3847 bytes) (2017-04-18)

Mark Zuckerberg just signed the death warrant for the smartphone

Matt Weinberger
(4639 bytes) (2017-04-18)

Science proves that training AI to be ‘human’ makes it sexist and racist, too

Mike Wehner
(2114 bytes) (2017-04-17)

There's a dark secret at the heart of artificial intelligence: no one really u

Will Knight
(20225 bytes) (2017-04-17)

NSA's powerful Windows hacking tools leaked online

(3910 bytes) (2017-04-17)

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