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5 Innovative Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Advancing Technology

Jonathan Long
(1881 bytes) (2018-05-25)

Scheme to hire foreign IT talents under fire

Jane Cheung
(2791 bytes) (2018-05-15)

Algorithms are coming for their jobs, so workers are teaching themselves algorit

Tracey Lien
(8734 bytes) (2018-05-15)

Edge computing and the importance of open infrastructure

Ildiko Vancsa
(6601 bytes) (2018-05-15)

Facebook says it removed 583 million fake accounts

(4170 bytes) (2018-05-15)

RBC artificial intelligence lab eyes computer vision initiative

Tyler Orton
(4309 bytes) (2018-05-08)

DJI partners up with Microsoft to give drones A.I. superpowers

Hillary Grigonis
(2892 bytes) (2018-05-07)

How Facebook fired workers who blocked 'fake news' — 'After the Fact' bo

Nathan Bomey
(7141 bytes) (2018-05-07)

The Tragic Crack in Artificial Intelligence

James P. Pinkerton
(8887 bytes) (2018-05-03)

Elon Musk’s fears that artificial intelligence will destroy humanity are ‘specie

jasper hamillJasper Hamill
(3122 bytes) (2018-05-03)

How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Viewers Identify Royal Wedding Guests

Carolyn Giardina
(2425 bytes) (2018-05-03)

Trump administration accelerates military study of artificial intelligence

Matt Stroud • R. Jeffrey Smith
(4415 bytes) (2018-05-01)

Pentagon challenges Uber, Waymo in race over self-driving vehicles

Daniel Flatley
(6641 bytes) (2018-05-01)

AI Revives In-Memory Processors

Rick Merritt
(2533 bytes) (2018-05-01)

Chinese firms use 'mind-reading' devices to monitor workers' emotions

(1630 bytes) (2018-05-01)

Computer scientists discover longest line you can sail without hitting land

Shane McGlaun
(1667 bytes) (2018-05-01)

Artificial intelligence in action

Meg Murphy
(5920 bytes) (2018-04-25)

Building AI systems that make fair decisions

Rachel Gordon
(6977 bytes) (2018-04-25)

Prof says he'll grade students on a curve, so they organize a boycott of the e

Zack Budryk
(1990 bytes) (2018-04-25)

NIST seeks industry help to secure tiny IoT medical devices

Joseph Goedert
(2777 bytes) (2018-04-23)

Artificial intelligence is too powerful to be left to tech giants

Hemant Taneja
(6385 bytes) (2018-04-23)

Algorithms on social media may be discriminating

Augustin Chaintreau
(2318 bytes) (2018-04-23)

Artificial intelligence will wipe out half the banking jobs in a decade

Kevin Smith
(4302 bytes) (2018-04-23)

What Human Teams Can Learn From Machine Learning Marketing Algorithms

Kazu Takiguchi
(7817 bytes) (2018-04-19)

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