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Artificial intelligence is going to change every aspect of your life

Seth Archer
(6766 bytes) (2017-07-17)

Esri joins with Microsoft in embracing artificial intelligence

Fielding Buck
(1800 bytes) (2017-07-17)

How Will The Pentagon Create Its AIs? The Algorithmic-Warfare Team Is Charting a

Bradley Penisto
(3602 bytes) (2017-07-17)

When – and why – did people first start using money?

Chapurukha Kusimba
(7610 bytes) (2017-07-13)

Bitcoin study shows value of exclusive access for early adopters

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(7489 bytes) (2017-07-13)

Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets, even over the internet

National University of Singapore
(5100 bytes) (2017-07-13)

Oxygen vacancy supported memory: Research expands basic knowledge about non-vola

Technische Universität Darmstadt
(3868 bytes) (2017-07-13)

Face scans for US citizens flying abroad stir privacy issues

(8298 bytes) (2017-07-13)

Microsoft to axe thousands of jobs

(1168 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Using Bitcoin to prevent identity theft

Larry Hardesty
(6909 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Miniaturizing the brain of a drone

Jennifer Chu
(7933 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Watch 3-D movies at home, sans glasses

Adam Conner-Simons
(5231 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Malong Technologies: Winner in G20 "Olympics of Startups"

Malong Technologies
(2527 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Neural network poetry is so bad we think it’s written by humans

Matt Reynolds
(4318 bytes) (2017-07-12)

Using chip memory more efficiently

Larry Hardesty
(7028 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Inference of Bayesian networks made fast and easy using an extended depth-first

University of Electro-Communications
(2353 bytes) (2017-07-11)

On computer science—a turbo in the algorithm

Serge Abiteboul And Christine Froidevaux
(10477 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Artificial intelligence-based system warns when a gun appears in a video

University of Granada
(3016 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Your phone to ID you by the way you swipe

Richard Gray
(6598 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Human pose estimation for care robots using deep learning

Toyohashi University of Technology
(3799 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Cheap, energy-efficient and clean reaction to make chemical feedstock

Institute for Basic Science
(3530 bytes) (2017-07-10)

Surprising insights into properties of butterfly wings

University of Pennsylvania
(6890 bytes) (2017-07-10)

System of quadcopters that fly and drive suggest another approach to developing

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, C
(3943 bytes) (2017-07-10)

Tracking humans in 3D with off-the-shelf webcams Date:

University Saarland
(4442 bytes) (2017-07-10)

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