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There's a dark secret at the heart of artificial intelligence: no one really u

Will Knight
(20225 bytes) (2017-04-17)

NSA's powerful Windows hacking tools leaked online

(3910 bytes) (2017-04-17)

How London startup Thread uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to h

James Cook
(6814 bytes) (2017-04-17)

Microsoft adds AI to cloud-computing service

(1541 bytes) (2017-04-17)

He was visionary in birth of personal computing

Michael Hiltzik
(3260 bytes) (2017-04-17)

The rising security risk of the citizen developer

George V. Hulme
(8215 bytes) (2017-04-17)

Why AI will both increase efficiency and create jobs

Sarah K. White
(6208 bytes) (2017-04-17)

Machine learning algorithms surpass doctors at predicting heart attacks

Lulu Chang
(2396 bytes) (2017-04-17)

Tool checks computer architectures, reveals flaws in emerging design

Princeton University
(10568 bytes) (2017-04-14)

Tim Berners-Lee wins $1 million Turing Award

Adam Conner-Simons
(4128 bytes) (2017-04-14)

Biased bots: Human prejudices sneak into artificial intelligence systems

Princeton University
(7419 bytes) (2017-04-14)

Research group works toward devising topological superconductor

Cornell University
(4111 bytes) (2017-04-13)

Can AI and ML slay the healthcare ransomware dragon?

Taylor Armerding
(9205 bytes) (2017-04-13)

Jeff Bezos just perfectly summed up what you need to know about artificial intel

Kif Leswing
(1783 bytes) (2017-04-13)

This is the highest-paying company in America

Sean Rossman
(2863 bytes) (2017-04-13)

Outer-space hacking a top concern for NASA's cybersecurity chief

(4737 bytes) (2017-04-13)

Many new doctors may be posting unprofessional content on Facebook

(1243 bytes) (2017-04-12)

73% of academics say access to research data helps them in their work; 34% do no

(3821 bytes) (2017-04-12)

Machine learning models for drug discovery

(2002 bytes) (2017-04-12)

Google refutes charges, says there is no gender pay gap

Barbara Ortutay
(2092 bytes) (2017-04-12)

Robot's speed of light communication could protect you from danger

Cornell University
(2616 bytes) (2017-04-12)

AI in the driver’s seat with the enterprise

Sharon Gaudin
(961 bytes) (2017-04-12)

How to Train Your Robot: 4 Ways Startups Can Apply AI

Vince Lynch
(5827 bytes) (2017-04-12)

AI can now predict whether or not humans will think your photo is awesome

Hillary Grigonis
(2120 bytes) (2017-04-11)

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