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"brain scans" of artificial intelligence processes

Mark Frauenfelder
(1453 bytes) (2017-02-20)

Sensors embedded in sports equipment could provide real-time analytics to your s

University of Illinois College of Engine
(3737 bytes) (2017-02-17)

A new spin on electronics

Technical University of Munich
(3623 bytes) (2017-02-16)

Voice control everywhere: Chip could make it ubiquitous in electronics

(6740 bytes) (2017-02-14)

Deep-learning algorithm matches dermatologists’ ability to identify skin cancer

Matt Young
(9388 bytes) (2017-02-13)

Protecting bulk power systems from hackers

Salk Institute
(4621 bytes) (2017-02-10)

Taming complexity

ETH Zurich
(3789 bytes) (2017-02-10)

Refined method offers new piece in the cancer puzzle

University of Gothenburg
(3147 bytes) (2017-02-09)

Large groups of photons on demand: An equivalent of photonic 'integrated circu

Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw
(6710 bytes) (2017-02-09)

Pioneering chip extends sensors' battery life

University of Bristol
(4122 bytes) (2017-02-08)

Protecting quantum computing networks against hacking threats

University of Ottawa
(2943 bytes) (2017-02-07)

Three magnetic states for each hole: Researchers investigate the potential of me

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
(3081 bytes) (2017-02-03)

Supercomputing, experiment combine for first look at magnetism of real nanoparti

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(8245 bytes) (2017-02-03)

A rising peptide: Supercomputing helps scientists come closer to tailoring drug

Argonne National Laboratory
(6643 bytes) (2017-02-01)

Study of electron movement on helium may impact the future of quantum computing

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technol
(4923 bytes) (2017-01-26)

Deep learning algorithm does as well as dermatologists in identifying skin cance

Taylor Kubota
(8373 bytes) (2017-01-26)

Engineers eat away at Ms Pac-Man score with artificial player

Cornell University
(3879 bytes) (2017-01-25)

Study of electron movement on helium may impact the future of quantum computing

Graduate University
(4951 bytes) (2017-01-25)

Artificial intelligence may cut plug-in hybrid fuel consumption by one third

(4175 bytes) (2017-01-22)

SMART automation

Catherine Marguerite
(5556 bytes) (2017-01-20)

Chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator raises possibility of faster data tra

Tufts University
(2022 bytes) (2017-01-20)

Model sheds light on purpose of inhibitory neurons

Larry Hardesty
(9238 bytes) (2017-01-18)

Ingestible robots, glasses-free 3-D, and computers that explain themselves

Rachel Gordon | CSAIL
(3128 bytes) (2017-01-18)

Researchers create memory chips that store and process data

Shirley Siluk
(3415 bytes) (2017-01-18)

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