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New mathematical model can help save endangered species

University of Southern Denmark
(2749 bytes) (2019-01-18)

Researchers develop 128Mb STT-MRAM with world's fastest write speed for embedd

Tohoku University
(2414 bytes) (2019-01-08)

Quantum chemical calculations on quantum computers

Osaka City University
(4374 bytes) (2018-12-31)

Toward brain-like computing: New memristor better mimics synapses

University of Michigan
(5472 bytes) (2018-12-31)

Hardware-software co-design approach could make neural networks less power hungr

University of California - San Diego
(6973 bytes) (2018-12-23)

Network orchestration: Researcher uses music to manage networks

Saint Louis University
(3963 bytes) (2018-12-23)

50 years after the computer mouse was demonstrated

Kurt Snibbe
(2228 bytes) (2018-12-11)

Early detection of epilepsy in children possible with deep learning computer sci

Yi Pan
(2630 bytes) (2018-11-29)

Photonic chips harness sound waves to speed up local networks

University of Sydney
(3369 bytes) (2018-09-28)

Scientists say they've developed blood test that can detect internal body cloc

(3918 bytes) (2018-09-11)

Scientists found brain’s internal clock that influences how we perceive time

Jennifer Ouellette
(4721 bytes) (2018-09-04)

A GPS for inside your body

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(5256 bytes) (2018-08-23)

In-body ‘GPS’ developed by MIT could track tumours and deliver pills internally

(3995 bytes) (2018-08-23)

Another step forward on universal quantum computer

Akiko Tsumura
(3251 bytes) (2018-08-14)

What Policymakers Need to Know About Quantum Computing

Adam Segal
(6227 bytes) (2018-08-01)

Wired and IBM Explain Quantum Computing to Students from Grade School to Grad S

Al Williams
(1799 bytes) (2018-06-28)

Nuclear Physicists Leap Into Quantum Computing With First Simulations of Atomic

Oak Ridge
(5647 bytes) (2018-05-29)

AI Revives In-Memory Processors

Rick Merritt
(2533 bytes) (2018-05-01)

Chinese firms use 'mind-reading' devices to monitor workers' emotions

(1630 bytes) (2018-05-01)

New method to stop cyber attacks on GPS-enabled devices

University of Texas at San Antonio
(2339 bytes) (2018-03-30)

Your smartwatch could someday alert you to disease lurking silently in your body

Carolyn Y. Johnson and Hayley Tsukayama
(4776 bytes) (2018-03-22)

Seeing is believing: Precision atom qubits achieve major quantum computing miles

University of New South Wales
(8377 bytes) (2018-03-08)

‘Mind-reading’ artificial intelligence produces a description of what you’re thi

Luke Dormehl
(2743 bytes) (2018-03-07)

Researchers find algorithm for large-scale brain simulations

(6797 bytes) (2018-03-07)

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