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Algorithm better at diagnosing pneumonia than radiologists

Taylor Kubota
(5048 bytes) (2017-11-22)

New way to write magnetic info could pave the way for hardware neural networks

Imperial College London
(2140 bytes) (2017-11-21)

Speedy collision detector could make robots better human assistants

University of California - San Diego
(5345 bytes) (2017-11-16)

Essential quantum computer component downsized by two orders of magnitude

Institute of Science and Technology Aust
(4499 bytes) (2017-11-16)

The next generation of power electronics? Gallium nitride doped with beryllium

Aalto University
(2512 bytes) (2017-11-10)

Milestone for ultra-fast communications and computing

University of Utah
(4658 bytes) (2017-11-10)

Smart Ring: Mobile on-body devices can be precisely and discreetly controlled us

University Saarland
(3174 bytes) (2017-11-01)

Looking for errors in a 'black box'

Lehigh University
(6997 bytes) (2017-11-01)

'Tensor algebra' software speeds big-data analysis 100-fold

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(6058 bytes) (2017-11-01)

IBM Demos In-Memory Massively Parallel Computing

Colin Johnson
(2172 bytes) (2017-10-26)

Resistive memory components the computer industry can't resist

Yale University
(3180 bytes) (2017-10-25)

Supercomputers help scientists improve seismic forecasts for California

University of Texas at Austin
(6898 bytes) (2017-10-25)

Why computing devices slow down over time

Jason Yosar
(4826 bytes) (2017-10-23)

The Search For Small Chaotic Circuits

Harry Fairhead
(3984 bytes) (2017-10-23)

Engineers invent breakthrough millimeter-wave circulator IC

Columbia University School of Engineerin
(4312 bytes) (2017-10-20)

Seeing the next dimension of computer chips

Osaka University
(2753 bytes) (2017-10-20)

Forget about it: A material that mimics the brain

DOE/Argonne National Laboratory
(5490 bytes) (2017-10-20)

Could 'AI' become a partner in breast cancer care?

Serena Gordon
(3466 bytes) (2017-10-19)

Machine learning identifies breast lesions likely to become cancer

Radiological Society of North America
(4665 bytes) (2017-10-17)

Pornhub is using artificial intelligence to identify porn stars

Shawn Knight
(1430 bytes) (2017-10-12)

NMSU professor working on new wireless networks

Minerva Baumann
(4993 bytes) (2017-10-02)

Artificial intelligence for obtaining chemical fingerprints

University of Vienna
(2174 bytes) (2017-09-26)

Artificial intelligence can detect Alzheimer's decade before symptoms emerge

NZ Herald
(1565 bytes) (2017-09-18)

Algorithm reconstructs processes from individual images

Nature Communications
(2997 bytes) (2017-09-13)

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