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Toward mass-producible quantum computers

(6461 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing aid cyber crime fight

Shannon Bond
(7615 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Big Data Reshapes Silicon

Rick Merritt
(2561 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Conductive paper could enable future flexible electronics

American Chemical Society
(1704 bytes) (2017-05-18)

Faster, smaller, more powerful computer chips: Hafnia dons a new face

University of Kentucky
(6283 bytes) (2017-05-17)

Physics may bring faster solutions for tough computational problems

Zhi-Cheng Yang
(4423 bytes) (2017-05-15)

Refrigerator for quantum computers discovered

Aalto University
(3079 bytes) (2017-05-09)

How a Chinese diamond experiment may help crack one of the world’s toughest code

stephen chen
(4876 bytes) (2017-05-08)

Supercomputers assist in search for new, better cancer drugs

University of Texas at Austin
(9165 bytes) (2017-05-05)

First one bit chemical memory unit: The 'chit'

Institute of Physical Chemistry of the P
(6944 bytes) (2017-05-05)

Open-source chip mimics Linux's path to take on closed x86, ARM CPUs

Agam Shah
(4560 bytes) (2017-05-04)

Device allows users to manipulate 3-D virtual objects more quickly

North Carolina State University
(2997 bytes) (2017-05-01)

Interview: Artificial intelligence to interconnect islands of automation: expert

(2432 bytes) (2017-04-28)

AI Predicts Heart Attacks Better Than Doctors

Abhilasha Belani
(3024 bytes) (2017-04-28)

Success in recognizing digits and monosyllables with high accurary from brain ac

Toyohashi University of Technology
(2575 bytes) (2017-04-25)

Energy-efficient computing: Damping gives a faster switch

(3039 bytes) (2017-04-18)

Tool checks computer architectures, reveals flaws in emerging design

Princeton University
(10568 bytes) (2017-04-14)

Research group works toward devising topological superconductor

Cornell University
(4111 bytes) (2017-04-13)

Software system connects devices for the Internet of Things

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern
(4177 bytes) (2017-04-10)

Ultra-thin multilayer film for next-generation data storage and processing

National University of Singapore
(4547 bytes) (2017-04-10)

Melding Mind and Machine: How Close Are We?

University of Washington
(9436 bytes) (2017-04-10)

Streamlining mass production of printable electronics

(4478 bytes) (2017-04-06)

A big leap toward tinier lines

David L. Chandler
(5471 bytes) (2017-03-30)

A faster single-pixel camera

Larry Hardesty
(6715 bytes) (2017-03-30)

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