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Artificial Intelligence Poses Questions for Nature of War

(1863 bytes) (2018-02-19)

Quantum computer could have predicted Trump’s surprise election

Jennifer Ouellette
(548 bytes) (2018-02-17)

Excellent explainer: how consensus algorithms work

Zane Witherspoon
(2132 bytes) (2018-02-15)

Who are ASI Data Science, the company behind the Government’s terror content blo

Dominic Lipinski
(1844 bytes) (2018-02-14)

House OKs bill encouraging girls to explore computer science careers

Gary Martin
(2536 bytes) (2018-02-14)

China Leading Way With Facial-Recognition Eyewear for Police Read Full Article

Cathy Burke
(2067 bytes) (2018-02-12)

Senator warns about propaganda on YouTube

Levi Sumagaysay
(2955 bytes) (2018-02-07)

Russian hackers exploited weakness in U.S. cyberdefense: AP investigation

(4681 bytes) (2018-02-07)

Trump attacks critic in Russian probe

Demetri Sevastopulo
(5012 bytes) (2018-02-05)

AI in the court: When algorithms rule on jail time

(8818 bytes) (2018-01-31)

Artificial intelligence is the weapon of the next Cold War

Jeremy Straub
(6518 bytes) (2018-01-30)

Why everyone is freaking out about a White House plan to nationalize the country

Justin Sullivan
(6300 bytes) (2018-01-30)

Theresa May calls for ethical rules to govern use of artificial intelligence

Markus Schreiber
(3694 bytes) (2018-01-26)

Will Trump sour Davos' love affair with globalization?

Charles Riley
(2575 bytes) (2018-01-26)

National Cybersecurity Center opens for business in Colorado Springs

Wayne Heilman
(9157 bytes) (2018-01-22)

Macron hosts 140 CEOs in pre-Davos charm offensive

Laurence Benhamou
(4081 bytes) (2018-01-22)

Liberal government looks to update fight against online child porn

Dean Beeby
(5974 bytes) (2018-01-10)

Critical perspectives on the Singularity from eminent computer scientist Ed Felt

Freedom to Tinker
(1442 bytes) (2018-01-05)

China's president had 2 books about artificial intelligence on his shelf

Sam Shead,
(3000 bytes) (2018-01-03)

Hoosier senator wants to prepare America for opportunities tied to artificial in

Dan Carden
(1781 bytes) (2018-01-03)

China emerges as a hotbed for artificial intelligence

Yuyu Chen
(5613 bytes) (2018-01-02)

Decade since recession: Thriving cities leave others behind

(12582 bytes) (2017-12-29)

The Pentagon wants to put artificial intelligence on F-16s to detect mechanical

Kris Osborn
(2902 bytes) (2017-12-21)

Former Rutgers student admits to creating code that crashed internet

Kelly Heyboer and Ted Sherman
(2603 bytes) (2017-12-14)

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