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FBI's Face Recognition Database Out of Date?

Olivia Solon
(5514 bytes) (2017-03-29)

Feds to battle cybersecurity with analytics

Kenneth Corbin
(5106 bytes) (2017-03-29)

Stephen Hawking: 'I fear that I may not be welcome' in Trump's America

Matt Dunham
(5063 bytes) (2017-03-21)

Russian bank claims effort to frame it for connections to Trump Organization

(6880 bytes) (2017-03-20)

New multi-device system for handling emergencies with information from social ne

Carlos III University of Madrid
(5856 bytes) (2017-03-15)

NSA, DOE say China's supercomputing advances put U.S. at risk

Patrick Thibodeau
(5359 bytes) (2017-03-15)

Worldwide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee's biggest concerns: privacy, fake news

Mark Wilson
(5041 bytes) (2017-03-13)

How much are vendor security assurances worth after the CIA leaks?

Lucian Constantin
(5301 bytes) (2017-03-13)

Sources: FBI looks at ���odd' computer link between Trump, Russian bank
(12054 bytes) (2017-03-10)

Social Media Algorithm IDs Trump as Not Married

Janice Wood
(3273 bytes) (2017-03-06)

Mathematical theorem finds gerrymandering in PA congressional district maps

Carnegie Mellon University
(3317 bytes) (2017-03-01)

15 unfilled tech jobs that cost the U.S. billions

Sharon Florentine,
(1990 bytes) (2017-03-01)

Pre-crime, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and ethics

Mark Gibbs
(5932 bytes) (2017-02-27)

Here's how the F-35 stacks up to Russia and China's 5th-generation competito

(5070 bytes) (2017-02-27)

U.S. computing leadership under threat, says House science chair

Patrick Thibodeau
(4606 bytes) (2017-02-27)

Algorithm can create a bridge between Clinton and Trump supporters

Aalto University
(3379 bytes) (2017-02-17)

How algorithms (secretly) run the world

(4973 bytes) (2017-02-13)

America's military AI superiority in doubt as China closes gap

John Markoff and Matthew Rosenberg
(12873 bytes) (2017-02-07)

Montreal sees its future in smart sensors, artificial intelligence

Matt Hamblen
(10362 bytes) (2017-02-06)

Under-pressure NHS turns to artificial intelligence for smart patient care

Ellie Burns
(2234 bytes) (2017-02-02)

Reports: Abe to propose major job-creating plan to Trump

(3608 bytes) (2017-02-02)

Artificial intelligence and the law

Abel Castilla
(6745 bytes) (2017-01-30)

Davos: The rich are worried

(4698 bytes) (2017-01-23)

Robotics, artificial intelligence, and 5G are at the heart of Theresa May's ne

Oscar Williams-Grut
(7041 bytes) (2017-01-23)

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