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What government wants from tech in the fight against terror

Gordon Corera
(5926 bytes) (2017-09-20)

Could AI give us rapid-fire forecasts?

Jamie Morton
(3257 bytes) (2017-09-18)

Researchers use facial recognition tools to predict sexual orientation. LGBT gro

Derek Hawkins
(6346 bytes) (2017-09-13)

Who wields AI, and how

Anupam Guha
(5431 bytes) (2017-09-12)

Congressional redistricting less contentious when resolved using computer algori

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champai
(3116 bytes) (2017-09-11)

What language tells us about changing attitudes to extremism

Josie Ryan
(5336 bytes) (2017-09-07)

North Korean Missiles Are no Match for Buy-the-Dip Algorithmic Trading

James "Rev Shark" DePorre
(2266 bytes) (2017-08-30)

Shark-detecting drones to patrol Australian beaches

David Gray
(2467 bytes) (2017-08-27)

Experts urge UN to ban artificial intelligence in weapons

Tracey Lien
(4169 bytes) (2017-08-22)

Math experts join brainpower to help address gerrymandering

Tufts University
(892 bytes) (2017-08-18)

LinkedIn Case Is Test of Open Access to Publicly Available Website Data

Salvador Rodriguez and Dan Levine
(2409 bytes) (2017-08-15)

Will Artificial Intelligence Be Illegal in Europe Next Year?

Rand Hindi
(4725 bytes) (2017-08-10)

New South Wales Government Demonstrates Support For Quantum Computing

George Nott
(3848 bytes) (2017-08-09)

Voting machines and election systems - a quick look

(3699 bytes) (2017-08-03)

Israel Acknowledges Use of Computer Algorithm for Palestinian Arrests

(615 bytes) (2017-08-02)

Rep. DeFazio's APP Act will help Oregon tech innovators

(1769 bytes) (2017-08-02)

'The bad guys can get in': Hackers at a cybersecurity conference breached d

Sonam Sheth
(6187 bytes) (2017-08-01)

Target ‘best connected neighbours’ to stop spread of infection in developing cou

Goylette Chami
(5345 bytes) (2017-07-24)

China announces goal of AI leadership by 2030

Mark Schiefelbein
(2903 bytes) (2017-07-21)

China Unveils Plan to Become a World Leader in AI by 2025 © This is copyrighted

(2306 bytes) (2017-07-21)

Why SpaceX CEO Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence must be regulated by g

Sandy Mazza
(3185 bytes) (2017-07-20)

WhatsApp partially blocked in China following dissenter's death

Paul Hill
(1398 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Automated security kiosk could alleviate travel, border woes

Missouri University of Science and Techn
(6037 bytes) (2017-07-18)

3-D models help scientists gauge flood impact

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(6475 bytes) (2017-07-18)

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