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Why SpaceX CEO Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence must be regulated by g

Sandy Mazza
(3185 bytes) (2017-07-20)

WhatsApp partially blocked in China following dissenter's death

Paul Hill
(1398 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Automated security kiosk could alleviate travel, border woes

Missouri University of Science and Techn
(6037 bytes) (2017-07-18)

3-D models help scientists gauge flood impact

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(6475 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Detecting dangers with crowdsourcing

Harvard University
(3845 bytes) (2017-07-18)

How Will The Pentagon Create Its AIs? The Algorithmic-Warfare Team Is Charting a

Bradley Penisto
(3602 bytes) (2017-07-17)

Face scans for US citizens flying abroad stir privacy issues

(8298 bytes) (2017-07-13)

Artificial intelligence-based system warns when a gun appears in a video

University of Granada
(3016 bytes) (2017-07-11)

Is your AI racist? This lawmaker wants to know

Lalita Clozel
(5328 bytes) (2017-07-06)

Massive cyber-attack spreads to US

Gary Willig
(1607 bytes) (2017-06-30)

To Understand Today's Cyber War Study Cold War Spycraft

Avi Chesla
(7672 bytes) (2017-06-30)

Lawmakers launch measures to fight terrorism online

Melissa Quinn
(6480 bytes) (2017-06-26)

Twitter algorithm can identify riots before police reports

Brooks Hays
(2049 bytes) (2017-06-26)

Georgia official discounts threat of exposed voter records

(6116 bytes) (2017-06-16)

Patrick Madden, a computer scientist who hopes to bring an 'engineering mind-s

Melissa Healy
(3599 bytes) (2017-06-15)

U.S. weighs restricting Chinese investment in artificial intelligence

Phil Stewart
(8426 bytes) (2017-06-14)

146,000 cameras monitor Moscow streets. And the government is just getting start

Matt McFarland
(5014 bytes) (2017-06-14)

Leaked NSA doc highlights deep flaws in US election system

(3053 bytes) (2017-06-08)

Crime mapping identifies burglary 'hot spots' in Savannah

Sean Evans
(1915 bytes) (2017-06-08)

Against Mencius Moldbug’s ‘Neoreaction’

Jason Lee Steorts
(17007 bytes) (2017-06-05)

China's New Cybersecurity Law Carries Death Penalty For Some Offenses

(2282 bytes) (2017-06-05)

Chinese fans trash blackout as Google AI wins again

Dan Martin
(3531 bytes) (2017-05-30)

U.S. 'Narcissistic' Over Spy Killing Story: Eye on Chinese Media

(1832 bytes) (2017-05-22)

India sees few major problems from cyberattack

Kaspersky Lab
(5285 bytes) (2017-05-15)

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