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Modern warfare: Death-dealing drones and ... illegal parking?

Peter Sayer
(5260 bytes) (2017-01-19)

Trump's facial characteristics may predict leadership style

Amy Ripley
(3512 bytes) (2017-01-12)

Every Trump tweet activates thousands of computer algorithms

Jeremy Olshan
(2797 bytes) (2017-01-12)

Clinton Psychoanalyzed by Artificial Intelligence

Jennifer Golbeck Ph.D
(5149 bytes) (2017-01-03)

Consider ethics when designing new technologies

Gillian Christie
(3609 bytes) (2017-01-02)

We Need To Know The Algorithms The Government Uses To Make Important Decisions A

Nicholas Diakopoulos
(9375 bytes) (2017-01-02)

We put too much trust in algorithms and it's hurting our most vulnerable

Ariel Bogle
(4667 bytes) (2016-12-30)

Trump Psychoanalyzed by Artificial Intelligence

Jennifer Golbeck
(4703 bytes) (2016-12-27)

Artificial intelligence could cost millions of jobs. The White House says we nee

Steven Overly
(4045 bytes) (2016-12-21)

How the murder of a Russian official went massively viral on Facebook

Damon Beres
(4787 bytes) (2016-12-20)

Feds frustrated by constantly crashing apps

Kenneth Corbin
(5315 bytes) (2016-12-16)

Partnership announced to train teachers in computer science

Alia Malik
(2807 bytes) (2016-12-15)

Tech companies should probably come out against a Muslim registry now

Taylor Hatmaker
(7991 bytes) (2016-12-14)

Artificial Intelligence

Kathy Malloy
(2749 bytes) (2016-12-13)

Defense applications ripe for quantum computing

George Leopold
(4359 bytes) (2016-12-13)

Raja-Mandala: The challenge of automata

C. Raja Mohan
(5165 bytes) (2016-12-13)

Earth's 'technosphere' now weighs 30 trillion tons

University of Leicester
(3833 bytes) (2016-12-08)

White House announces boost to computer science education

Ali Breland
(1573 bytes) (2016-12-06)

Amherst attorney: Presidential election recounts should be mandatory

(7491 bytes) (2016-11-29)

Japan plans superefficient supercomputer by 2017

Peter Sayer
(2342 bytes) (2016-11-25)

Computer scientists urge Hillary Clinton to ask for recounts in three states

Eder Campuzano
(2286 bytes) (2016-11-23)

Computer Scientists and Election Lawyers Are Privately Lobbying Hillary Clinton

Jen Graves
(786 bytes) (2016-11-23)

U.S. sets plan to build two exascale supercomputers

Patrick Thibodeau
(6978 bytes) (2016-11-22)

Let’s get real. Facebook is not to blame for Trump

Joshua R. Williams
(5409 bytes) (2016-11-21)

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