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Artificial Intelligence in Recent Art Practice – February Energized Labs
Source: Nancy Hogg

In recent years, the creative art movement has been intersected by Artificial Intelligence. At our February Energized Labs, Luba Elliot discussed how a range of artists have utilised AI technology to create bold and controversial contemporary artworks.

In the video you will hear Luba considering style transfer art, works which have mostly been created using Justin Johnson’s code. ‘A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style’, by Leon Gatys, Alexander Ecker and Matthias Bethge introduces an artificial system based on a Deep Neural Network, to create artistic images of high perceptual quality and Gene Kogan’s ‘Experiments with Style Transfer’ which include restyled interpretations of the Mona Lisa including Egyptian hieroglyphs and Google Maps!

Luba goes on to describe how AI has been used in artistic film making, Terence Broad’s use of a variational auto encoder to reconstruct Blade Runner frame by frame and Jake Elwes’ work, in which he wanted to capture how AI models could talk to each other, one with images and one with words.

Finally, Luba shows how AI has also been used to generate concepts for art work in many ways. Nicolas Aigret & Maria Roszkowska’s predictive art bot trawls Twitter to find potential artwork ideas and Julien Deswaef & Matthew Plummer-Fernandez’s Shiv Integer, a bot that inhabits Thingiverse, creates random mash ups of designs found on Thingiverse, creating wild variations of objects which can be printed using a 3D modelling program. The latter project resulted in an exhibition which included asking participants to vote whether they considered the work to be art or spam!

Watch the video now to hear Luba’s fascinating talk ‘AI in Recent Art Practice” which delves much deeper into the topic and introduces many more artists who have employed AI when producing their artwork.


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