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Artificial Intelligence - Push for Computer Scientists to Flag Its Dark Potentia
Source: Jane Genova

Like just about every other human entity, artificial intelligence has its dark side.

Now, reports Kaveh Waddell in the article "Confronting AI's demons," on Axios, there is a push for academics and research computer scientists to identify those and call attention to them in peer-reviewed manuscripts for publication.

Technology can no longer be regarded as value-neutral. That is the emerging meme.

The protest is to make society aware of the potential of AI to inflict harm. The example of that had been what are now viewed as half-baked algorithms to influence the 2016 presidential election. The current fear is that there will be more of the same in the midterm elections.

The creators of tech are less able to cast spells on many segments of society. We, ranging from Congress to the media to Everyman/Everywoman, are beginning to ask questions. Those have already put Facebook on the defensive and possibly on the way to over. The EU is doing push-back via anti-trust issues.

In addition, AI is proving not to be the panacea expected. IBM's Watson has failed to produced any insights about the treatment of cancer that scientists working without AI have already found. Perhaps IBM bet too much of its branding and stock value on that.

Like so many other institutions, the tech complex is losing trust - and its sacred status. Never again will a corporation be able to put out there a generic promotion hailing tech innovation. We now have been alerted to search for the ugly underbelly. Tech has been overthrown as the unofficial religion of America.

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