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Government to analyze satellite images with artificial intelligence for disaster
Source: JIJI

The government plans to utilize artificial intelligence to constantly observe and analyze images of the Earth’s surface and location data provided by satellites, mainly for disaster prevention, sources said Tuesday.

Through the AI-based analysis, the internal affairs ministry aims to predict the risk of landslides by observing steep slopes, among other measures, hoping that the project will lead to the creation of new services by businesses and local governments.

On Thursday, the ministry will launch an expert panel to discuss details of the project. The panel is expected to draw up proposals as early as June.

Many businesses have advised the ministry that AI-based analysis of satellite data will be particularly effective in developing new disaster reduction services, including forecasts of tsunami arrival times for other countries, informed sources said.

In addition, AI-based analysis may be used to monitor aging infrastructure that could cause accidents, including roads and bridges, as well as to predict agricultural yields, the sources said.

Planned discussions at the panel will also take into account demonstration projects for better utilization of satellites carried out mainly by the Cabinet Office and the industry ministry, according to the sources.


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