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European Commission Appoints Artificial Intelligence Expert Group, Launches AI A
Source: David Branigan

The European Commission appointed 52 experts today to a new High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence, and also launched the AI Alliance, an online forum to facilitate broad participation in dialogue on the burgeoning technology.

According to a Commission press release, the multi-stakeholder High-Level Expert Group on AI, composed of members from academia, industry and civil society, is tasked to support the implementation of the EU Communication on Artificial Intelligence, make recommendations to inform policy and digital strategy, and develop ethical guidelines for AI.

The list of the 52 appointees is here.

The AI Alliance, complementary to the expert group, invites anyone interested to “become a member to address all aspects of AI in discussions, blogs, documents and events,” according to the release.

On the expert group, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel stated that the aim is to involve all actors. “I am confident that, together, we will ensure that AI systems are developed for good and for all, respecting our values and fundamental rights,” she said.


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