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Study reports Israel third among artificial intelligence startups
Source: Ilan Gattegno

A new study by a top European institute has placed ‎Israel third in the ‎number of ‎artificial intelligence startup companies. The ranking relates to the absolute number of companies in each country and not a relative figure, thereby making Israel’s achievement that much more commendable, considering its relatively small size.

The study proved that the Israeli government had achieved the goal it had set – to position Israel among the world’s top five global leaders in the field, Israel Hayom has learned. ‎

In a review of the global artificial intelligence ‎landscape, the Asgard Institute for scientific ‎research said Israel’s 362 artificial intelligence ‎startups comprise 10% of all startups in this field, ‎earning the Jewish state a spot in the top three ‎world leaders in this area.

The United States dominates the field with 1,393 ‎AI startups, or 48%, and China ‎ranked second, with 383 firms, making up 11% of all ‎artificial intelligence research.‎

Britain ranked fourth with 245 startups and Canada ‎rounded out the top five, with 13 AI research firms. ‎

Israel’s national artificial intelligence research ‎program seeks to promote national security as well ‎as strengthening the local economy.‎

Israel’s 200-scientist strong program is headed by ‎Professor Eviatar Matania, who founded the National ‎Cyber Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office, and ‎Professor‎ Isaac Ben-Israel, who chairs the Science ‎and Technology Ministry’s National Council for ‎Research and Development.‎

The study further found that geographically ‎speaking, Tel Aviv is the world’s third-largest hub ‎of artificial intelligence startup companies, as 189 ‎companies are headquartered there. ‎

This placed Tel Aviv ahead of New York, where only ‎‎180 AI firms are headquartered, and after London ‎‎(211) and San Francisco (598).‎

The artificial intelligence race involves private ‎investors and corporate giants as well as countries, ‎which together invest hundreds of billions of dollars ‎in such ventures. ‎

Leading global investors include Amazon, Google, Facebook, ‎billionaire Elon Musk and the Chinese government, ‎which recently announced plans to appropriate $150 billion ‎to artificial intelligence ‎research over the next three years with aim of becoming the world leader in ‎this field.‎


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