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Ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon to speak at tech and SEX ROBOT conference in the U
Source: Joshua Nevett

steve bannon ace conference 2018
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Steve Bannon is due to talk at the ACE conference in December

The former White House strategist and co-founder of Breitbart News is scheduled to make a speech at The International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology, also known as ACE, in December.

Bannon, 64, will give an “important” talk about how he believes “economic nationalism” will help minorities obtain jobs in high-tech industries such as computer programming, according to the conference’s organisers.

The ACE conference, held at the University of Montana, will take place between December 10-14 alongside the Fourth International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots.

The event, billed as “opportunity for academics and industry professionals to present and discuss their innovative work and ideas”, will feature Realbotix founder Matt McMullen – the inventor of the Harmony sex robot – as a keynote speaker.

Computer science professor Adrian David Cheok, who runs both conferences, has provoked fury in academic circles for inviting Bannon to speak at ACE, described as a forum to discuss the computer entertainment industry.

A blistering row has erupted between Cheok and conference’s steering committee, some of whom resigned in August over the merging of ACE with the sex robot conference.

Academics, scholarly associations and universities around the world have called for the conference to be boycotted.

“Nothing of what Bannon can say represents the ACE community, or the games research community at large. His is a marginal discourse that should stay where it is, marginalized. And that’s why we ask our community to boycott ACE,” Miguel Angel Sicart, a games, art and interactive design researcher at the IT University of Copenhagen.


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