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Bank of America reaches milestone with virtual assistant Erica
Source: Caroline Hudson

Bank of America Corp.’s virtual financial assistant, Erica, hit a milestone this week by reaching 1 million users.

The artificial-intelligence tool can be accessed through the Bank of America mobile app. It was rolled out in phases across the country starting earlier this year. The final state to receive Erica capabilities was California.

“As we continue to advance our work on AI-driven developments, it is important that we listen to our users today and further enhance Erica to align to client feedback to better meet and anticipate needs,” says Michelle Moore, head of digital banking.
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By using Erica, BoA customers can check account balances, monitor transactions, access account numbers and check credit scores. As improvements are made in the coming months, Erica will be able to alert customers about upcoming bills and subscription charges, show spending and budget information, manage credit and debit cards and look for possible ways for users to save money.


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