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Investors Embrace Artificial Intelligence in Japan
Source: Statista

Artificial intelligence is one of the top industries leading the way to the future and predicted to boost economies around the globe in the years to come. Although lagging behind the U.S. and China, AI enthusiasm is also tangible in Japan as can be seen from a look at venture capital investment in the country. According to a survey conducted by startup database entrepedia, startups engaged in artificial intelligence collected more than 34 billion Japanese yen - more than any other Japanese industry in 2017.

The top player was Preferred Networks who raised the overwhelming sum of nearly 13 billion yen last year. The software company, headquartered in Japan’s capital Tokyo, applies deep learning technologies to new applications in the field of Internet of Things. The raised capital will help the company - looking to challenge international tech leaders like Google and Apple - with reaching its ambitious goal of “robots for everyone” in five years.


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