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Source: Kathy Malloy

Speaking of Trump . .. he's too smart for intelligence briefings. Yup, remember when George the Second ignored a series of daily briefings after his inauguration? He went golfing instead and wasn't paying attention when that humdinger of a PDB "Osama determined to strike within US" sailed past his line of sight.

And The Donald says he's too smart for briefings. He'd rather -- y'know, hang out with his Wall Street buddies and freak out foreign governments with prank calls and scary Tweets.

This geriatric Jerky Boy is headed to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave despite losing the popular vote by over two million, and despite mounting evidence that the Russians threw the election into his pudgy little hands. Well, he's working there, but doesn't want to live there -- it's too drastic a lifestyle change for his nibs.

No, he wants taxpayers to pay extra security for him to stay in his Trump Palace because he wants to sleep in his gold plated bed with his armor plated wife, so his kid can hover board all over his 22,000 square foot private-floor-turned-toy-store-fantasy-paradise. The East Wing of the White House is just too tacky for the Trumps.

He doesn't care, even if he stops traffic on major Manhattan roads for hours while secret service scramble to secure the streets for his daily trip down the block to Burgle Doodle -- it's like having a resident Pope with a fast food fetish.

Tell me again, all your knuckle-dragging Trump lovers -- why do you think this billionaire bad boy gives a crap about your future? He's the savior that's going to put more dollars in your wallet ... you really believe that? Seriously?

And why should he care what the CIA has to say about Russia hacking into our government secrets? He's got Sarah Palin close at hand to keep an eye on Putin should he rear his head. It's all good, America! Who needs intelligence when we have Palin and General Mad Dog Mattis to protect us. He's Trump's pick for Secretary of Defense and he's going to protect us if Trump ignores all those idiots who are trying to advise him on threats to America. Mad Dog will bite 'em! He says it's fun to shoot people. Well, that's not the actual quote, to be fair. He said it's fun to shoot some people -- not all of them. Whew! I feel so much better!

And now that Romney has been eliminated from the pageant semi-finals to be Secretary of State, who will Trump crown as Miss Universe the nation's chief diplomat? Looks like the oilman Rex Tillerson, a tycoon with zero foreign policy experience, but with cozy ties to Trump's favorite KGB serial killer -- Vald the Impaler. Well, Vlad the poisoner would be more correct.

Yes, it's all one big deadly circle, Truthseekers. Here's hoping we all survive the new year.

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