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Engineers invent breakthrough millimeter-wave circulator IC

Columbia University School of Engineerin
(4312 bytes) (2017-10-20)

Seeing the next dimension of computer chips

Osaka University
(2753 bytes) (2017-10-20)

Forget about it: A material that mimics the brain

DOE/Argonne National Laboratory
(5490 bytes) (2017-10-20)

Researchers create digital objects from incomplete 3D data

University Saarland
(2659 bytes) (2017-10-20)

An AI startup founder is teaming up with a former hostage negotiator to help bus

Caroline Cakebread
(2508 bytes) (2017-10-20)

RSA encryption key flaw puts 'millions' of devices at risk

Nicholas Fearn
(3089 bytes) (2017-10-19)

What is hybrid cloud computing?

Brandon Butler
(6427 bytes) (2017-10-19)

For $1000, anyone can purchase online ads to track your location and app use

(6027 bytes) (2017-10-19)

Could 'AI' become a partner in breast cancer care?

Serena Gordon
(3466 bytes) (2017-10-19)

Artificial intelligence implants will allow us to control our lives better in th

Sarah Knapton
(4184 bytes) (2017-10-17)

Expert to present computer security seminar at Rose-Hulman

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
(1308 bytes) (2017-10-17)

How the KRACK attack destroys nearly all Wi-Fi security

(6491 bytes) (2017-10-17)

All data that move across Wi-Fi networks could be susceptible to hacking

Samantha Masunaga
(3917 bytes) (2017-10-17)

Will robocops be taking your 999 calls in the future?

John Carter
(1353 bytes) (2017-10-17)

Toyota to highlight reading of driver emotions at Tokyo show

Yuri Kageyama
(2185 bytes) (2017-10-17)

Machine learning identifies breast lesions likely to become cancer

Radiological Society of North America
(4665 bytes) (2017-10-17)

Adam Kona, from Battersea, has received a prestigious £1,000 bursary

Nick Kituno
(2361 bytes) (2017-10-12)

Pornhub is using artificial intelligence to identify porn stars

Shawn Knight
(1430 bytes) (2017-10-12)

Oxford's head of computer science warned that Berlin and Paris would love to h

Sam Shead
(1832 bytes) (2017-10-12)

The MacArthur Foundation Just Welcomed 24 New Members Into the 'Genius' Club

Sara Burnett
(4100 bytes) (2017-10-12)

How chatbots and artificial intelligence will save banks and the finance industr

Mai-Hanh Nguyen
(4107 bytes) (2017-10-10)

Informing Investment Decisions Using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

JPMorgan ChaseVoice
(4856 bytes) (2017-10-10)

Americans are addicted to outrage

David Von Drehle
(5321 bytes) (2017-10-09)

It’s time to break up big tech, warns Artificial Intelligence pioneer

JD Heyes
(4157 bytes) (2017-10-09)

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