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Listen to the song artificial intelligence made by experts at Kingston Universit

Calum Rutter
(1528 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Toward mass-producible quantum computers

(6461 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Apple is working on a chip to power artificial intelligence in future gadgets

Steve Kovach
(1063 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Every paper has a unique fingerprint, and this algorithm can find it

Luke Dormehl
(2311 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Artificial intelligence and quantum computing aid cyber crime fight

Shannon Bond
(7615 bytes) (2017-05-27)

Big Data Reshapes Silicon

Rick Merritt
(2561 bytes) (2017-05-27)

The AI fight is escalating: This is the IT giants' next move

Peter Sayer
(16848 bytes) (2017-05-25)

One of the greatest chess players of all time, Garry Kasparov

Elena Holodny
(22503 bytes) (2017-05-25)

Machine Learning May Help in Early Identification of Severe Sepsis

American Thoracic Society
(3031 bytes) (2017-05-25)

Combination of features produces new Android vulnerability

Georgia Institute of Technology
(6882 bytes) (2017-05-23)

12 Computer Science Activities for Elementary Students

Irina Kajtez
(5738 bytes) (2017-05-23)

Business and tech qualifications perfect for jobs of the future

Catherine Armitage
(2910 bytes) (2017-05-23)

Computer beats Chinese champion in ancient board game of go

(2972 bytes) (2017-05-23)

Employers Are Paying Freelancers Big Bucks for These 25 in-Demand Skills

John Rampton
(2810 bytes) (2017-05-23)

Patent for virtual personal assistants up sharply on future prospects

(2223 bytes) (2017-05-22)

U.S. 'Narcissistic' Over Spy Killing Story: Eye on Chinese Media

(1832 bytes) (2017-05-22)

The working dead: IT jobs bound for extinction

Dan Tynan
(12054 bytes) (2017-05-22)

Computer scientist Leslie Lamport to grads: If you can’t write, it won’t compute

David E. Nathan
(2449 bytes) (2017-05-22)

Google Woos Developers to Catch Amazon in Digital Assistant Race

(7640 bytes) (2017-05-22)

Conductive paper could enable future flexible electronics

American Chemical Society
(1704 bytes) (2017-05-18)

Google unveils latest tech tricks as computers get smarter

(4718 bytes) (2017-05-18)

NVIDIA CEO: AI Workloads Will “Flood” Data Centers

Yevgeniy Sverdlik
(7521 bytes) (2017-05-18)

IBM makes a leap in quantum computing power

Peter Sayer
(1719 bytes) (2017-05-18)

Faster, smaller, more powerful computer chips: Hafnia dons a new face

University of Kentucky
(6283 bytes) (2017-05-17)

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