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Computer Science prof recognized for digital leadership

Rebecca Rawcliffe -
(5006 bytes) (2018-06-15)

Math & Cryptography Olympiad Open To All

Sue Gee
(5587 bytes) (2018-06-12)

Prof says he'll grade students on a curve, so they organize a boycott of the e

Zack Budryk
(1990 bytes) (2018-04-25)

Principals Warm Up to Computer Science, Despite Obstacles

Benjamin Herold and Sarah Schwartz
(12537 bytes) (2018-04-19)

Teacher changed jobs to push for state's new certification of computer science

Matthew Flamm
(3273 bytes) (2018-04-10)

Scientist who invented the term 'artificial intelligence' dies

University of Oxford
(2886 bytes) (2018-04-10)

Teach Yourself Computer Science Using This Site

Nick Douglas
(2209 bytes) (2018-04-04)

Stephen Hawking's voice was his tool and his trademark

Alfred Cheng Jin
(3089 bytes) (2018-03-20)

Stephen Hawking's voice was his tool and his trademark

Alfred Cheng Jin
(3142 bytes) (2018-03-16)

Marshall to offer undergraduate degree in Computer and Information Security

Marshall University
(2520 bytes) (2018-03-12)

Are we ready for artificial intelligence?

Lee Ann Raikes
(3533 bytes) (2018-03-12)

Cybersecurity expert named president at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University
(829 bytes) (2018-03-08)

Technical Ethics - How UT is bringing ethics to computer science

Jennifer Liu
(4273 bytes) (2018-03-07)

Lectures on future of artificial intelligence to be held at University

Chris Young
(1612 bytes) (2018-02-25)

Computer Science for All: Can Schools Pull It Off?

Benjamin Herold
(3464 bytes) (2018-02-21)

Hot major on campus?

Susan Snyder
(8236 bytes) (2018-02-19)

Commentary: The hidden value of learning how to code

(7144 bytes) (2018-02-19)

Tech’s Ethical ‘Dark Side’: Harvard, Stanford and Others Want to Address It

(7402 bytes) (2018-02-13)

Stamford’s New Computer Science Track Responds to Demand

Mike Enright
(3745 bytes) (2018-02-13)

Sutton Grammar School pupils visit Oxford University after UK BEBRAS computer ch

Nick Kituno
(1490 bytes) (2018-02-07)

Personalised learning starts to change teaching methods

Adam Thomson
(6730 bytes) (2018-02-05)

RBC opening cybersecurity lab at University of Waterloo to develop new privacy t

(1478 bytes) (2018-01-30)

Schools urged to join drive for tech literacy

Alan Armstrong
(2193 bytes) (2018-01-26)

6 book recommendations that will make you smarter about artificial intelligence

Nigel Duffy
(6011 bytes) (2018-01-23)

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