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Computers using linguistic clues to deduce photo content

Disney Research
(3289 bytes) (2017-07-21)

Hedge fund quant posting 21% return says biology is secret sauce

Vincent Bielski
(7960 bytes) (2017-07-21)

China aims to become world leader in AI, challenges U.S. dominance

Tim Wimborne
(2665 bytes) (2017-07-21)

China announces goal of AI leadership by 2030

Mark Schiefelbein
(2903 bytes) (2017-07-21)

China Unveils Plan to Become a World Leader in AI by 2025 © This is copyrighted

(2306 bytes) (2017-07-21)

Why SpaceX CEO Elon Musk believes artificial intelligence must be regulated by g

Sandy Mazza
(3185 bytes) (2017-07-20)

WhatsApp partially blocked in China following dissenter's death

Paul Hill
(1398 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Artificial Intelligence, Explained

Global X ETFs Global X ETFs
(1885 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Google's quantum computing push opens new front in cloud battle

Mark Bergen
(6237 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Manhattan landlords are about to get graded by algorithm

Jeffrey Zeldman
(5825 bytes) (2017-07-19)

When 5G is here, a wireless supercomputer will follow you around

(2067 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Making Machine Learning Accessible: 3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Apply It Today

Christian Sanz
(6408 bytes) (2017-07-19)

Automated security kiosk could alleviate travel, border woes

Missouri University of Science and Techn
(6037 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Virtual laboratory: Fast, flexible and exact

(3999 bytes) (2017-07-18)

3-D models help scientists gauge flood impact

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(6475 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Titan simulations show importance of close two-way coupling between human and Ea

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
(7048 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Ways in which cells feel their surroundings

Princeton University
(5271 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Ultra-high-contrast digital sensing

Larry Hardesty
(7821 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Researchers develop a reliable forward error correction method for digital data

Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic Unive
(3373 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Detecting dangers with crowdsourcing

Harvard University
(3845 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Google's quantum computing push opens new front in cloud battle

Mark Bergen
(6237 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Oracle to add 1,000 employees in European cloud push

Tino Scholman
(2154 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Cyber security experts say this is the best way to defend against online attacks

Josh Ye
(3986 bytes) (2017-07-18)

Artificial Intelligence and the legal profession -- is there a safe intersection

Anna Johansson
(3955 bytes) (2017-07-18)

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