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Algorithm leads to dramatic improvement in drug discovery times

Arutz Sheva
(4074 bytes) (2017-06-22)

Facebook wants to nudge you into 'meaningful' online groups

Photo/Nam Y. Huh
(6030 bytes) (2017-06-22)

High school computer science outreach sells the field short

Ryan Young
(3456 bytes) (2017-06-22)

Here are all the deals that Google's AI DeepMind lab has made with Britain's

Sam Shead
(831 bytes) (2017-06-22)

WFHS Intro to Computer Science Sets Foundation for Future Programmers

William Floyd School District
(1670 bytes) (2017-06-22)

Most people 'aren't as happy as their friends' on social media

Indiana University
(4661 bytes) (2017-06-21)

Fog computing may be IoT’s computational model

Steven Max Patterson
(5248 bytes) (2017-06-21)

Computer scientists repurpose laparoscopy video for medical training

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(5038 bytes) (2017-06-20)

Here's when robots will start beating humans at every task

Chris Weller
(1412 bytes) (2017-06-20)

YouTube is trying to make a tricky pivot from platform to programmer

Mike Shields
(5148 bytes) (2017-06-20)

Scientists have developed a new way to predict when you'll die

Kevin Loria
(5125 bytes) (2017-06-20)

The Winners and Losers in Amazon's Whole Foods Deal

Craig Lawson
(6176 bytes) (2017-06-20)

Smartphone app detects and alerts sleepy drivers

Hong Kong Baptist University
(3060 bytes) (2017-06-19)

Quanta Computer reaffirms commitment in investing in Taiwan

(1428 bytes) (2017-06-19)

Computer Science prof recognized as a digital diversity leader

Rebecca Rawcliffe
(4024 bytes) (2017-06-19)

How Facebook Is Stacking the Deck Against the Competition

Leo Sun
(5214 bytes) (2017-06-19)

Experts see advances in AI helping diagnose, find cures for hard-to-treat diseas

(6759 bytes) (2017-06-19)

Computer age makes the dandy horse even dandier

(4337 bytes) (2017-06-19)

Retailers getting serious about artificial intelligence

Marianne Wilson
(2111 bytes) (2017-06-16)

Facebook Uses Artificial Intelligence to Fight Terrorism

(2481 bytes) (2017-06-16)

It's time for an intelligent conversation on artificial intelligence

Emmett D. Carson
(5851 bytes) (2017-06-16)

University of Bradford team develops digital face-ageing that could help in sear

Chris Young
(2566 bytes) (2017-06-16)

Georgia official discounts threat of exposed voter records

(6116 bytes) (2017-06-16)

Learning with light: New system allows optical 'deep learning'

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(5114 bytes) (2017-06-15)

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