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Will robocops be taking your 999 calls in the future?
Source: John Carter

ROBOCOP technology could replace bobbies on the beat within a decade as artificial intelligence helps fight crime.

Thames Valley Police has said artificial intelligence computers could be used to answer 999 calls, detect crimes and identify criminals.

Ministers are preparing to publish a review into how artificial intelligence will change the country in the coming decades.

In a submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the ‘Implications of Artificial Intelligence’, TVP said “even at the lowest level AI could perform many of the process-driven tasks that take place in the police” including: risk-assessing criminals, scrutinising CCTV and running security checks.

TVP said a 999 caller might even be able to describe an incident and be understood by artificial intelligence.

The submission adds: “Speech analysis categorises the type of incident and detects indicators of stress from the caller.

“The date, time, location and offence details are recorded automatically.

“Solvability factors are calculated on the quality of the available data. The risk assessment provides a recommendation for officers on the next steps for the offender and also an appropriate support package for the victim.”

TVP acknowledged there would be need to be a “high level of human oversight and clear justification.”


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