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8 top artificial intelligence and analytics trends for 2019
Source: Srinivasa Vegi

Forward-looking organizations can’t afford to overlook the emerging trends in artificial intelligence and analytics in 2019. In 8 Most Important AI and Analytics Trends for 2019, DMI unpacks the driving forces in AI for the New Year.

Artificial intelligence will deliver approximately $2 trillion worth of business value worldwide over the next year through the use of advanced computing algorithms that identify and optimize business insights that humans cannot spot. Companies that fail to adopt AI will lose out. Some industries may even be wiped out.

Be on the look-out for these hot trends:

1) AI and Analytics Merger: Applying AI algorithms to analytics will prove transformative but the complex merger requires a roadmap.

2) Decision Automation: Greater AI and machine learning in enterprise resource planning will empower smarter process changes, minus the human intervention, to drive cost savings.

3) Digital Twins: Digital replicas of physical processes, like production lines, let humans interact with IoT sensors automating asset management.

4) Edge Computing: Data center AI and analytics will deliver more real-time intelligence, anticipating problems and implementing fixes before costly breakdowns.

5) Mixed Reality: The combination of elements of virtual and augmented reality with data analytics will grow in 2019 but will accelerate even faster over the next two or three years.

6) Blockchain Boom: Blockchain uses a shared digital ledger that’s impossible for hackers to breach, making it one of the most-watched technologies of 2019.

7) Cloud Maturity: Thanks to advances in security, more organizations will embrace the cloud generating huge new datasets to inform advanced machine learning.

8) Full-Stack Engineers: Companies will scramble to hire full-stack engineers with AI and analytics skills making this one of the hottest careers of 2019!


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