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Two Chinese teams claim to have reached primacy with quantum computers

Bob Yirka
(2450 bytes) (2022-03-29)

Using Artificial Intelligence To Find Anomalies Hiding in Massive Datasets in Re

Adam Zewe
(6211 bytes) (2022-03-29)

MIT Develops New Programming Language for High-Performance Computers

Steve Nadis
(5450 bytes) (2022-03-06)

A Security Technique To Fool Would-Be Cyber Attackers – Method Safeguards a Comp

Adam Zewe
(6810 bytes) (2022-03-06)

MIT’s New Neural Network: “Liquid” Machine-Learning System Adapts to Changing Co

Daniel Ackerman
(5228 bytes) (2021-10-22)

How hackers can 'poison' open-source code

Adam Conner-Simons, Cornell University
(3605 bytes) (2021-08-14)

Study explores privacy of prison communications

Daniel Tkacik
(5321 bytes) (2021-05-26)

Two new attacks break PDF certification

(2974 bytes) (2021-05-26)

Spectre Strikes Back: New Hacking Vulnerability Affecting Billions of Computers

University of Virginia
(8651 bytes) (2021-05-26)

Artificial intelligence that more closely mimics the mind

Zach Winn
(7261 bytes) (2021-03-23)

Researchers discover that privacy-preserving tools leave private data anything b

NYU Tandon School of Engineering
(3679 bytes) (2021-03-04)

Neural network has learned to identify tree species

Tech Xplore
(1710 bytes) (2021-02-03)

New module for OpenAI GPT-3 creates unique images from text

Bob Yirka
(1981 bytes) (2021-01-06)

Teaching AI agents to type on a Braille keyboard

Ingrid Fadelli
(4484 bytes) (2021-01-06)

Machine learning at the speed of light: New paper demonstrates use of photonic s

Maggie Pavlick
(4479 bytes) (2021-01-06)

Developing a better way to address vulnerabilities at the source-code level

James Badham
(5419 bytes) (2020-12-26)

Exploring the notion of shortcut learning in deep neural networks

Ingrid Fadelli
(5893 bytes) (2020-12-26)

Misinformation or artifact: A new way to think about machine learning

Jeannie Kever
(4207 bytes) (2020-11-24)

A math idea that may dramatically reduce the dataset size needed to train AI sys

Bob Yirka
(2498 bytes) (2020-11-03)

Tricking fake news detectors with malicious user comments

Jordan Ford
(3043 bytes) (2020-11-03)

How computers know what to do with data

ory Denny
(3786 bytes) (2020-10-18)

Engineers pre-train AI computers to make them even more powerful

(2934 bytes) (2020-09-25)

MIT professor wins top AI award for cancer, drug research

Charles Krupa
(1598 bytes) (2020-09-25)

Toward a machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions

Kim Martineau
(5649 bytes) (2020-09-09)

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