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A very tiny alteration can help deepfakes escape detection

Ben Paul
(4145 bytes) (2020-10-08)

Outsmarting the PIN code

Fe­lix Würsten
(3919 bytes) (2020-09-09)

Scientists text-mining social media for data on food-related topics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champa
(4457 bytes) (2020-06-01)

Why You Can't Trust More Cryptocurrency White Papers

Casey Chin
(5153 bytes) (2020-03-20)

Randpay: a technology for blockchain micropayments that requires a recipient's

Ingrid Fadelli , Tech Xplore
(5660 bytes) (2019-12-23)

Model beats Wall Street analysts in forecasting business financials

Rob Matheson, Massachusetts Institute of
(7395 bytes) (2019-12-23)

Environmental cost of cryptocurrency mines

University of New Mexico
(6392 bytes) (2019-11-25)

Blockchain voting: Vulnerable to hackers, software glitches, bad ID photos, and

Nir Kshetri
(7816 bytes) (2019-10-21)

The blockchain concept

David Bradley
(1311 bytes) (2019-10-07)

Why You Can't Trust More Cryptocurrency White Papers

Casey Chin
(5282 bytes) (2019-01-18)

Investors Embrace Artificial Intelligence in Japan

(969 bytes) (2018-12-05)

How restaurants will use artificial intelligence to boost sales

Ewan Sargent
(9944 bytes) (2018-11-07)

Why Stitch Fix Uses Artificial Intelligence To Understand Consumer Habits

Jayson Derrick
(1140 bytes) (2018-10-26)

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Marketing

Michael Stelzner
(948 bytes) (2018-10-20)

The Machine Learning Revolution: How Artificial Intelligence Could Transform You

Alston Ghafourifar and Michael Evans
(9001 bytes) (2018-10-14)

Bitcoin companies trying to go public at tough time

(4713 bytes) (2018-09-28)

Smart Money: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Wealth Management

David Kleinhandler
(5404 bytes) (2018-09-11)

High Hopes for Artificial Intelligence Don't Always Match Reality

Annie Gaus
(4513 bytes) (2018-09-04)

Walmart and Microsoft team up to fight Amazon

Time Warner
(1809 bytes) (2018-07-19)

Bitcoin bloodbath nears dot-com levels as many tokens go to zero

Adam Haigh and Eric Lam
(3001 bytes) (2018-07-02)

How your smart fridge might be mining bitcoin for criminals

(6364 bytes) (2018-07-02)

Artificial Intelligence at the changing face of Payment Fraud

Rittick Banerjee
(10238 bytes) (2018-06-19)

Bank of America reaches milestone with virtual assistant Erica

Caroline Hudson
(1011 bytes) (2018-06-15)

Facebook says it removed 583 million fake accounts

(4170 bytes) (2018-05-15)

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