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New website predicts likelihood of cyber attacks between nations

Johns Hopkins University
(3313 bytes) (2020-10-18)

Innovative model improves Army human-agent teaming

The Army Research Laboratory
(6932 bytes) (2020-10-08)

Algorithm could quash Twitter abuse of women

Queensland University of Technology
(4559 bytes) (2020-09-09)

New algorithms could reduce polarization driven by information overload

Mary L. Martialay
(4810 bytes) (2020-07-31)

Politically extreme sources publish more COVID-19 news than scientifically-groun

Brandi Wampler
(4733 bytes) (2020-07-09)

As the coronavirus spread, two social media communities drifted apart

Daniel Strain
(5401 bytes) (2020-07-09)

Coronavirus: country comparisons are pointless unless we account for these biase

Norman Fenton
(6885 bytes) (2020-06-24)

Cities are becoming digital, thanks to the urban data platforms that enable it

(4224 bytes) (2020-05-19)

A new computer program generates eerily realistic fake videos

Maria Temming
(298 bytes) (2020-03-25)

MIT joins White House supercomputing effort to speed up search for Covid-19 solu

Jennifer Chu
(3373 bytes) (2020-03-25)

We’re not going back to normal

Gideon Lichfield
(9778 bytes) (2020-03-20)

A road map for artificial intelligence policy

Peter Dizikes
(6364 bytes) (2020-03-18)

Inside the National Quarantine Center, There Is No Fear

Tom Chiarella
(19578 bytes) (2020-03-18)

Internet 'is not working for women and girls', says Berners-Lee

Ian Sample
(4398 bytes) (2020-03-17)

To predict an epidemic, evolution can't be ignored

Carnegie Mellon University
(3621 bytes) (2020-03-16)

MIT researchers identify security vulnerabilities in voting app

Abby Abazorius
(6964 bytes) (2020-02-14)

Online hate speech could be contained like a computer virus

University of Cambridge
(2605 bytes) (2019-12-23)

Here's how Facebook's ad delivery system makes the US political divide even

Molly Callahan
(6578 bytes) (2019-12-15)

Software helps planners design walkable cities

Melanie Lefkowitz
(4456 bytes) (2019-11-17)

A model to predict the size and shape of online comment threads

Ingrid Fadelli
(5320 bytes) (2019-11-05)

Flickr photos can be used to calculate tourist flows, study finds

University of Warwick
(3296 bytes) (2019-10-13)

Predicting terror activity before it happens

Northwestern University
(4111 bytes) (2019-10-08)

Germany shuts down illegal data center in former NATO bunker

Geir Moulson
(2681 bytes) (2019-10-07)

National emergency alerts potentially vulnerable to attack

University of Colorado at Boulder
(4124 bytes) (2019-07-08)

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