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The 'father of the internet' says that Google employee backlash to its defen

Troy Wolverton
(5070 bytes) (2018-12-16)

How China Is Dominating Artificial Intelligence

Louis Columbus
(6517 bytes) (2018-12-16)

Quantum computing and AI: How spy agencies are turning to technology

(2782 bytes) (2018-12-05)

China and US set for new global arms race in artificial intelligence

Georgina Lee
(4073 bytes) (2018-11-07)

Ex-Trump adviser Steve Bannon to speak at tech and SEX ROBOT conference in the U

Joshua Nevett
(1835 bytes) (2018-11-02)

Campaign 2018: Artificial intelligence is automating attacks on political campai

Dan Patterson
(1481 bytes) (2018-10-20)

UK-US cyber accord to be announced by Defence Secretary

Royal Navy
(2760 bytes) (2018-10-20)

Congress takes first steps toward regulating artificial intelligence

Joey Roulette
(5593 bytes) (2018-10-20)

Free Speech in the Age of Algorithmic Megaphones

Renee DiResta
(6699 bytes) (2018-10-14)

China spy chips report adds pressure on Pentagon cloud security

(6640 bytes) (2018-10-08)

How China secretly hacked into servers of U.S. companies

Sheetal Sukhija
(5957 bytes) (2018-10-08)

Report outlines keys to election security

Peter Dizikes
(4090 bytes) (2018-10-03)

Study reports Israel third among artificial intelligence startups

Ilan Gattegno
(2431 bytes) (2018-10-03)

Call to regulate police use of Minority Report-style crime prediction software

Ian West
(2179 bytes) (2018-09-21)

The Pentagon is investing $2 billion in artificial intelligence

Andy Meek
(2539 bytes) (2018-09-11)

China launches platform to stamp out 'online rumours' Read more at https://w

Stella Qiu and Ryan Woo Read more at htt
(2717 bytes) (2018-08-31)

Artificial intelligence likely to help shape future battlefield, says Army vice

David Vergun
(5326 bytes) (2018-08-31)

Swiss test artificial intelligence for rescue missions

University of Zurich
(1061 bytes) (2018-08-23)

Army builds robot attack tanks

Kris Osborn
(6331 bytes) (2018-07-24)

Quantum Computing Will Reshape Digital Battlefield, Says Former NSA Director Hay

Jennifer Strong
(5240 bytes) (2018-06-28)

Google engineers refused to build security tool to win military contracts

Mark Bergen
(8758 bytes) (2018-06-24)

CIA tech official calls Amazon cloud project 'transformational'

Naomi Nix
(2951 bytes) (2018-06-24)

Project Maven wasn't alone: Googlers reportedly boycotted another military too

Marrian Zhou
(2246 bytes) (2018-06-24)

Shame on Google for treating the US military as evil

Marc A. Thiessen
(5191 bytes) (2018-06-12)

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