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Four-day workweek’s popularity grew during the pandemic — survey

Matthew Finnegan
(7143 bytes) (2022-03-29)

With work-life ‘integration,’ say goodbye to the 9-5 workday

Lucas Mearian
(14922 bytes) (2022-03-29)

Stereotypes about girls dissuade many from careers in computer science

University of Houston
(6393 bytes) (2022-03-06)

New study: Developers' skills and top management commitment lead to Agile proj

Aalborg University
(3756 bytes) (2021-06-17)

US IT jobs have regained what they lost in the pandemic

Galen Gruman
(1974 bytes) (2021-04-06)

Scene at MIT: Ruth Anderson, pioneer of mathematics and computing

Maia Weinstock
(1736 bytes) (2021-03-23)

The elephant in the server room

Peter Dizikes
(6784 bytes) (2020-03-23)

Women and Minorities in Tech, By the Numbers

Ben Bours
(4736 bytes) (2020-03-20)

How China’s “Bat Woman” Hunted Down Viruses from SARS to the New Coronavirus

Jane Qiu
(21128 bytes) (2020-03-17)

Lee’s American Dream We said we followed the influencer for her wellness tips. B

Anna Silman
(17731 bytes) (2020-03-17)

It’s Time These Ancient Women Scientists Get Their Due

(7535 bytes) (2020-03-09)

Women considered to write better code than men

Doug Bolton
(1889 bytes) (2019-10-08)

Fernando Corbato: Scientist who fostered the digital revolution and the computer

Computer History Museum
(4395 bytes) (2019-10-08)

When Your Boss Is an Algorithm

Alex Rosenblat
(5116 bytes) (2018-10-14)

Artificial Intelligence: The Robots Are Now Hiring

Hilke Schellmann and Jason Bellini
(1724 bytes) (2018-09-21)

Robots and AI could create more jobs than they destroy, report claims

(1771 bytes) (2018-09-17)

Bank of England economist Andy Haldane warns of large-scale job losses from arti

(3485 bytes) (2018-08-23)

Is AI the new normal?

Sue White
(4353 bytes) (2018-08-14)

Hiring is in the midst of a technological revolution with algorithms, chatbots

Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
(12832 bytes) (2018-07-24)

How To Learn About The Future Of Artificial Intelligence And Work Without Leavin

Lauren deLisa Coleman
(3729 bytes) (2018-07-19)

How an algorithm may decide your career

(4496 bytes) (2018-06-24)

Algorithms are coming for their jobs, so workers are teaching themselves algorit

Tracey Lien
(8734 bytes) (2018-05-15)

Artificial intelligence will wipe out half the banking jobs in a decade

Kevin Smith
(4302 bytes) (2018-04-23)

A Female Engineer’s Fight for Equal Pay at Google

Ellen Huet
(1857 bytes) (2018-04-16)

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