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Exercises in amazement: Discovering deep learning

Gretchen Ertl
(6288 bytes) (2019-03-18)

Computers can be a real pain in the neck

San Francisco State University
(2623 bytes) (2019-01-08)

Here's The One Thing That Makes Artificial Intelligence So Creepy For Most Peo

Lauren deLisa Coleman
(9658 bytes) (2018-12-11)

Mountain splendor? Scientists know where your eyes will look

Yale University
(1881 bytes) (2018-12-05)

Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to future?

(3397 bytes) (2018-11-29)

Thinking big about artificial intelligence

Courtney Law
(3347 bytes) (2018-11-29)

Computer science programs need to teach the law

Jason Tashea
(6369 bytes) (2018-11-21)

University signs up for deeper ties with China

Kirsty Needham
(4142 bytes) (2018-11-21)

In What Ways Could Artificial Intelligence Be Leveraged To Cause Harm?

Quora Contributor
(4356 bytes) (2018-10-26)

Meet the Professor Who Was There When the Internet Was Turned On

S.C. Stuart
(8081 bytes) (2018-10-20)

Student combines artificial intelligence and art

Shayla Cunico
(3160 bytes) (2018-09-28)

Computer Science, Greek Mythology Classes Surpass Intro to Economics in Top Fall

Katherine E. Wang
(4290 bytes) (2018-09-21)

Bradford students competing in national computing competition

David Jagger
(2583 bytes) (2018-09-17)

Lawsuit renews focus on privacy policies for mobile apps

(5095 bytes) (2018-09-14)

Artificial Intelligence - Push for Computer Scientists to Flag Its Dark Potentia

Jane Genova
(1877 bytes) (2018-08-14)

Computer Programming Unplugged For Kids

Al Williams
(1943 bytes) (2018-08-06)

Students need IT skills to compete in the new economy

Christos Makridis
(5274 bytes) (2018-07-24)

‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice

Olga Khazan
(9201 bytes) (2018-07-13)

Artificial intelligence helps Stanford researchers predict drug combinations'

Stanford University
(4580 bytes) (2018-07-11)

Computer science programs will expand in Indiana schools

Seth Fleming
(1727 bytes) (2018-07-02)

Computer Science prof recognized for digital leadership

Rebecca Rawcliffe -
(5006 bytes) (2018-06-15)

Math & Cryptography Olympiad Open To All

Sue Gee
(5587 bytes) (2018-06-12)

Prof says he'll grade students on a curve, so they organize a boycott of the e

Zack Budryk
(1990 bytes) (2018-04-25)

Principals Warm Up to Computer Science, Despite Obstacles

Benjamin Herold and Sarah Schwartz
(12537 bytes) (2018-04-19)

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