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A new model of influence maximization

Singapore University of Technology and D
(2869 bytes) (2021-01-19)

AI algorithm over 70% accurate at guessing a person's political orientation

Bob Yirka
(2437 bytes) (2021-01-19)

New research shows machine learning could lop a year off technology design cycle

Sandia National Laboratories
(4391 bytes) (2021-01-06)

New module for OpenAI GPT-3 creates unique images from text

Bob Yirka
(1981 bytes) (2021-01-06)

Teaching AI agents to type on a Braille keyboard

Ingrid Fadelli
(4484 bytes) (2021-01-06)

Machine learning at the speed of light: New paper demonstrates use of photonic s

Maggie Pavlick
(4479 bytes) (2021-01-06)

Public cameras provide valuable insights on pandemic, consumers

Chris Adam
(2186 bytes) (2020-12-26)

Researchers reveal link between cryptocurrency coding and market behavior

City University London
(3507 bytes) (2020-12-26)

Developing a better way to address vulnerabilities at the source-code level

James Badham
(5419 bytes) (2020-12-26)

Exploring the notion of shortcut learning in deep neural networks

Ingrid Fadelli
(5893 bytes) (2020-12-26)

Exploring the use of artificial intelligence in architecture

ngrid Fadelli
(8204 bytes) (2020-12-02)

Living with autonomous systems 'we can trust'

University of Texas at Austin
(5263 bytes) (2020-12-02)

Misinformation or artifact: A new way to think about machine learning

Jeannie Kever
(4207 bytes) (2020-11-24)

Simple Software Creates Complex Wooden Joints That Interlock With No Nails, Glue

University of Tokyo
(6302 bytes) (2020-11-13)

AI system predicts election results via analysis of Twitter posts

University of Granada
(4728 bytes) (2020-11-13)

Regina Barzilay wins $1M Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intellige

Adam Conner-Simons
(6007 bytes) (2020-11-03)

Accenture bolsters support for technology and innovation through new MIT-wide in

Lori LoTurco
(4826 bytes) (2020-11-03)

A math idea that may dramatically reduce the dataset size needed to train AI sys

Bob Yirka
(2498 bytes) (2020-11-03)

When algorithms compete, who wins?

Katharine Miller
(5643 bytes) (2020-11-03)

Machine translation tools find word meanings vary based on news viewership

Carnegie Mellon University
(4601 bytes) (2020-11-03)

Tricking fake news detectors with malicious user comments

Jordan Ford
(3043 bytes) (2020-11-03)

Six strategic areas identified for shared faculty hiring in computing

Terri Park
(13218 bytes) (2020-10-18)

MIT named No. 4 university by U.S. News for 2021

MIT News Office
(2531 bytes) (2020-10-18)

New website predicts likelihood of cyber attacks between nations

Johns Hopkins University
(3313 bytes) (2020-10-18)

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