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Outsmarting the PIN code

Fe­lix Würsten
(3919 bytes) (2020-09-09)

Toward a machine learning model that can reason about everyday actions

Kim Martineau
(5649 bytes) (2020-09-09)

For student researchers, no pause for the pandemic

Leda Zimmerman
(6762 bytes) (2020-08-19)

Recent advances give theoretical insight into why deep learning networks are suc

Sabbi Lall,
(5339 bytes) (2020-08-11)

A rapid-response chatbot to address freshmen queries

Nanyang Technological University
(4328 bytes) (2020-07-31)

New programming language and tool ensures code will compute as intended

Daniel Tkacik, Carnegie Mellon Universit
(2872 bytes) (2020-07-31)

Fooling deep neural networks for object detection with adversarial 3-D logos

Daniel Tkacik, Carnegie Mellon Universit
(2872 bytes) (2020-07-31)

New algorithms could reduce polarization driven by information overload

Mary L. Martialay
(4810 bytes) (2020-07-31)

Politically extreme sources publish more COVID-19 news than scientifically-groun

Brandi Wampler
(4733 bytes) (2020-07-09)

As the coronavirus spread, two social media communities drifted apart

Daniel Strain
(5401 bytes) (2020-07-09)

New math model could help with systematic predictions like potential coronavirus

University of Southern California
(6010 bytes) (2020-07-09)

Undergraduates develop next-generation intelligence tools

Kim Martineau
(9516 bytes) (2020-07-09)

Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

Jennifer Chu
(7267 bytes) (2020-07-09)

Why are scientists so excited about a recently claimed quantum computing milesto

Academic rigor
(5687 bytes) (2020-06-24)

Coronavirus: country comparisons are pointless unless we account for these biase

Norman Fenton
(6885 bytes) (2020-06-24)

A new system to extract key information from scientific texts

Ingrid Fadelli
(5513 bytes) (2020-06-10)

Microsoft President Brad Smith talks data, Covid-19, and a potential “digital 9/

Adam Conner-Simons
(4219 bytes) (2020-06-10)

Undergraduates develop next-generation intelligence tools

Kim Martineau
(9516 bytes) (2020-06-10)

Photorealistic simulator made MIT robot racing competition a live online experie

Ashley Belanger
(9205 bytes) (2020-06-10)

Creating chatbots with multiple conversational skills

Ingrid Fadelli
(5161 bytes) (2020-06-01)

Scientists text-mining social media for data on food-related topics

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champa
(4457 bytes) (2020-06-01)

Tightening up facial biometrics

David Bradley
(1565 bytes) (2020-06-01)

Cities are becoming digital, thanks to the urban data platforms that enable it

(4224 bytes) (2020-05-19)

Early Bird uses 10 times less energy to train deep neural networks

Rice University
(4872 bytes) (2020-05-19)

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