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MIT Develops New Programming Language for High-Performance Computers

Steve Nadis
(5450 bytes) (2022-03-06)

A Security Technique To Fool Would-Be Cyber Attackers – Method Safeguards a Comp

Adam Zewe
(6810 bytes) (2022-03-06)

Now that computers connect us all, for better and worse, what’s next?

Matthew Hutson
(35546 bytes) (2022-03-06)

Data science education lacks a much-needed focus on ethics

Beth Daley
(3965 bytes) (2022-03-06)

Stereotypes about girls dissuade many from careers in computer science

University of Houston
(6393 bytes) (2022-03-06)

Dominant Crypto Platforms Reluctant to Ban Russian Users

Mark Tyson
(1667 bytes) (2022-03-06)

What Makes Quantum Computing So Hard to Explain?

Emily Buder/Quanta Magazine
(10118 bytes) (2022-03-06)

Russia blocks access to Facebook, Twitter, foreign news outlets

Sergiu Gatlan
(3204 bytes) (2022-03-06)

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla aim for a more consistent web

jonny evans
(2421 bytes) (2022-03-06)

CES 2022 will return to Las Vegas, but with a twist - here’s what to expect

Joel Khalili
(4881 bytes) (2021-11-13)

i-Cave: The future of moving forward

Eindhoven University of Technology
(9580 bytes) (2021-11-13)

New feature adaptation of Github Discussions

Shinshu University
(2099 bytes) (2021-11-13)

A neural network-based optimization technique inspired by the principle of annea

Ingrid Fadelli
(6891 bytes) (2021-11-13)

New MIT Social Intelligence Algorithm Helps Build Machines That Better Understan

achel Gordon
(8366 bytes) (2021-10-22)

MIT’s New Neural Network: “Liquid” Machine-Learning System Adapts to Changing Co

Daniel Ackerman
(5228 bytes) (2021-10-22)

“I Know What You Bought at Chipotle” – New Algorithm Identifies Purchases From O

Kim Strampel
(3984 bytes) (2021-10-22)

In Russia, Apple and Google Staff Get Muscled by the State

outside contributors
(6716 bytes) (2021-09-26)

For these students, using data in sports is about more than winning games

The Conversation’s newsletter.
(7339 bytes) (2021-09-26)

Data science education lacks a much-needed focus on ethics

Kalpana Jain
(4098 bytes) (2021-09-26)

Study: AI can make better clinical decisions than humans

University of Montreal
(2652 bytes) (2021-09-26)

Supercomputer probes the limits of Google's quantum processor

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Techno
(6928 bytes) (2021-09-26)

roducing Graphene at Industrial Scale: High-Performance Computing Helps Refine P

Gauss Center
(7482 bytes) (2021-09-08)

Who can bend light for cheaper internet?

Rachel Gordon
(6701 bytes) (2021-09-08)

How hackers can 'poison' open-source code

Adam Conner-Simons, Cornell University
(3605 bytes) (2021-08-14)

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