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Toward automated animal identification in wildlife research

Penn State
(4304 bytes) (2019-02-12)

Selfies to self-diagnosis: Algorithm 'amps up' smartphones to diagnose disea

Florida Atlantic University
(5529 bytes) (2019-02-12)

Waterproof graphene electronic circuits

(3203 bytes) (2019-02-12)

Hey, Computer Scientists! Stop Hating on the Humanities

Emma Pierson
(7026 bytes) (2019-02-04)

Smart home tests first elder care robot

Washington State University
(3903 bytes) (2019-02-04)

Quantum structure of buckyballs

(4833 bytes) (2019-02-04)

New quantum system could help design better spintronics

Purdue University
(4646 bytes) (2019-02-04)

Light up logic: Engineers perform computational logic with light

University of Tokyo
(3532 bytes) (2019-01-25)

Is quantum computing a cybersecurity threat?

Dorothy Denning
(7754 bytes) (2019-01-18)

A new approach for steganography among machine learning agents

Ingrid Fadelli ,
(3382 bytes) (2019-01-18)

Why You Can't Trust More Cryptocurrency White Papers

Casey Chin
(5282 bytes) (2019-01-18)

New mathematical model can help save endangered species

University of Southern Denmark
(2749 bytes) (2019-01-18)

Translating the 'language of behavior' with artificially intelligent motion

Princeton University
(7717 bytes) (2019-01-08)

New AI computer vision system mimics how humans visualize and identify objects

Samueli School of Engineering
(4107 bytes) (2019-01-08)

Researchers develop 128Mb STT-MRAM with world's fastest write speed for embedd

Tohoku University
(2414 bytes) (2019-01-08)

Computers can be a real pain in the neck

San Francisco State University
(2623 bytes) (2019-01-08)

Translating the 'language of behavior' with artificially intelligent motion

Princeton University
(7717 bytes) (2018-12-31)

Quantum chemical calculations on quantum computers

Osaka City University
(4374 bytes) (2018-12-31)

Toward brain-like computing: New memristor better mimics synapses

University of Michigan
(5472 bytes) (2018-12-31)

Hardware-software co-design approach could make neural networks less power hungr

University of California - San Diego
(6973 bytes) (2018-12-23)

Network orchestration: Researcher uses music to manage networks

Saint Louis University
(3963 bytes) (2018-12-23)

Better security achieved with randomly generating biological encryption keys

Penn State
(3604 bytes) (2018-12-23)

This woman’s open letter highlights everything wrong with algorithms

Tech Desk
(5172 bytes) (2018-12-16)

The 'father of the internet' says that Google employee backlash to its defen

Troy Wolverton
(5070 bytes) (2018-12-16)

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