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Two new attacks break PDF certification

(2974 bytes) (2021-05-26)

Spectre Strikes Back: New Hacking Vulnerability Affecting Billions of Computers

University of Virginia
(8651 bytes) (2021-05-26)

Spencer Compton, Karna Morey, Tara Venkatadri, and Lily Zhang named 2021-22 Gold

School of Engineering
(7717 bytes) (2021-04-28)

Q&A: Vivienne Sze on crossing the hardware-software divide for efficient artific

Kim Martineau
(6155 bytes) (2021-04-28)

It’s time for businesses to shore up their cloud strategy

Nick Turner
(2488 bytes) (2021-04-12)

Google URLs are being used to disguise malware sent through contact forms

Anthony Spadafora
(2576 bytes) (2021-04-12)

Apples to apples: Neural network uses orchard data to predict fruit quality afte

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Techno
(2446 bytes) (2021-04-06)

Auto-updating websites when facts change

MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intel
(8872 bytes) (2021-04-06)

What the hell is happening with Android One?

Gregg Keizer
(1824 bytes) (2021-04-06)

US IT jobs have regained what they lost in the pandemic

Galen Gruman
(1974 bytes) (2021-04-06)

Data science and artificial intelligence for the public good

ETH Zurich
(4362 bytes) (2021-04-06)

Tool visualizes the flow of goods into and across the U.S.

Stephanie G Seay
(979 bytes) (2021-04-06)

Topological data analysis can help predict stock-market crashes

Anne-Muriel Brouet
(3506 bytes) (2021-04-06)

New method uses device cameras to measure pulse, breathing rate and could help t

University of Washington
(4278 bytes) (2021-04-06)

Artificial intelligence that more closely mimics the mind

Zach Winn
(7261 bytes) (2021-03-23)

Scene at MIT: Ruth Anderson, pioneer of mathematics and computing

Maia Weinstock
(1736 bytes) (2021-03-23)

How physiological data can improve persuasive technologies in mobile apps and we

Eindhoven University of Technology
(2813 bytes) (2021-03-04)

Researchers discover that privacy-preserving tools leave private data anything b

NYU Tandon School of Engineering
(3679 bytes) (2021-03-04)

Design progresses for MIT Schwarzman College of Computing building on Vassar Str

Terri Park
(4762 bytes) (2021-02-03)

“I know what you bought at Chipotle”

Kim Strampel
(3908 bytes) (2021-02-03)

Neural network has learned to identify tree species

Tech Xplore
(1710 bytes) (2021-02-03)

Scientists develop method to detect fake news

University of Göttingen
(2233 bytes) (2021-02-03)

A new model of influence maximization

Singapore University of Technology and D
(2869 bytes) (2021-01-19)

AI algorithm over 70% accurate at guessing a person's political orientation

Bob Yirka
(2437 bytes) (2021-01-19)

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