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What Makes Quantum Computing So Hard to Explain?

Scott Aaronson
(10138 bytes) (2022-09-15)

What Makes Quantum Computing So Hard to Explain?

Emily Buder/Quanta Magazine
(10118 bytes) (2022-03-06)

A neural network-based optimization technique inspired by the principle of annea

Ingrid Fadelli
(6891 bytes) (2021-11-13)

Supercomputer probes the limits of Google's quantum processor

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Techno
(6928 bytes) (2021-09-26)

Who can bend light for cheaper internet?

Rachel Gordon
(6701 bytes) (2021-09-08)

Chip with secure encryption will help in fight against hackers

Technical University Munich
(5728 bytes) (2021-08-14)

EventDrop: a method to augment asynchronous event data

Ingrid Fadelli
(7956 bytes) (2021-07-06)

Researchers design new techniques to bolster memory safety

Columbia University
(5479 bytes) (2021-06-23)

Q&A: Vivienne Sze on crossing the hardware-software divide for efficient artific

Kim Martineau
(6155 bytes) (2021-04-28)

New method uses device cameras to measure pulse, breathing rate and could help t

University of Washington
(4278 bytes) (2021-04-06)

How physiological data can improve persuasive technologies in mobile apps and we

Eindhoven University of Technology
(2813 bytes) (2021-03-04)

Using deep learning to control the unconsciousness level of patients in an anest

Ingrid Fadelli
(4198 bytes) (2020-09-25)

Engineers put tens of thousands of artificial brain synapses on a single chip

Jennifer Chu
(7267 bytes) (2020-07-09)

Early Bird uses 10 times less energy to train deep neural networks

Rice University
(4872 bytes) (2020-05-19)

To predict an epidemic, evolution can't be ignored

Carnegie Mellon University
(3267 bytes) (2020-04-22)

Reducing delays in wireless networks

Rob Matheson
(7470 bytes) (2020-04-13)

Google trains chips to design themselves

Peter Grad
(3601 bytes) (2020-04-08)

Putting hardware accelerators to work with automatic code translation

University of Michigan
(4429 bytes) (2020-03-31)

Neural networks facilitate optimization in the search for new materials

David L. Chandler
(7185 bytes) (2020-03-31)

Novel method for easier scaling of quantum devices

Rob Matheson
(7642 bytes) (2020-03-18)

Design of inorganic materials for brain-like computing

Texas A&M University
(10079 bytes) (2020-03-16)

Living robots built using frog cells

University of Vermont
(9126 bytes) (2020-02-14)

What a pair! Coupled quantum dots may offer a new way to store quantum informati

National Institute of Standards and Tech
(4155 bytes) (2020-02-11)

Decrappifying brain images with deep learning

Aaron Dubrow, University of Texas at Aus
(14336 bytes) (2020-01-15)

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